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plant/storm recharge question


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okay so im wondering about what kind of base recharge are you running just base before incanate procs etc. gotten it up to 170% myself and kinda allways looking for more that being said with out breaking my S&L softcap

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1 hour ago, SuperPlyx said:

So I am guessing this was suppose to be a reply to something else?  But anyways since we're here, you can slot the Force Feedback Chance for +recharge in Tornado and Lighting Storm. That may help some if inconsistently. 

no was just trying to make it more simple then post your build just looking for how much base recharge people consider good i mean i can perma creepers but i know a hell of alot more about plant then i do storm maybe there is some recharge breakpoint i want to hit maybe 170% base recharge is not enough idk as for FF procs i have 4 last one is because i use stone epic and eat blue pills

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