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Alter visible mob selection


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It only becomes an issue when you have a large number of player and NPC objects, such as during a Rikti Mothership raid, but the algorithm that determines what mobs you see has an annoying quirk to it -- it prioritizes displaying nearby mobs to the exclusion of all else. Where this becomes an issue is when a ranged character has a mob targeted, and mobs appear between the character and their target; this can cause the target to fade out and vanish, causing you to lose target, even if the target reappears a second later.


What I would suggest as a way of dealing with this is for a character's current target to always be in the list of visible/targetable mobs to be drawn unless it exceeds the normal visible range limit. This would keep a character's target in view and prevent random target switching until it moves out of range (ort teleports), goes down, or the character switches targets. Because only one mob can be affected by this for a character, it should not have a significant impact on rendering, but I don't know if it could be handled by just adding the mob pointer to the list of objects to be displayed.

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