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need some help making a triple ice/cold...


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so my step kid wants me to make a triple ice/cold... toon... 


i want it to be able to own 3/8 when she plays but be able to o 4/8 when i play (like the pushing my limits) 


no idea what to make.


my goals are s/l def 45% and decent res. 


i can probly get her to accept say dark armour if i make it blue and white. but she wants an ice toon



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Ice/ice/cold blaster. Easy enough to play, lots of room to push the envelope.


Or, ice/cold corruptor. Sadly no cold epic, but Leviathan might fit. Great for teams.


Ice/ice/arctic tanker is easy mode.


Ice/ice/ice dominator, but doms can be expensive to build to their full potential.


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inf isnt a problem have like 700 mil to work with.


the tank kinda draws me in cause my main on live was a stone/ice tank


was thinking stalker or brute. let her have the dps an drop my inf into making it hard to take down

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