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Chat shortcuts/hotkeys not loading properly


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My apologies if I missed this in another thread, I did a quick scan and didn't see it....


It used to be that if I saw someone speak up in LFG or Help or whatever, and I wanted to do a quick message to them, I could click on their name, then press either M or T (I forget which) to automatically start a Reply.  It's no longer working with the quick key, though I can still click on a menu with the mouse.  Relatively minor convenience thing.

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ALL game keys are binds. You can erase all of them if you choose. More to the point, you can change or rebind them with few limitations.


It sounds like something has changed your local client's keybinds, or some disconnect has arisen between default binds an menu hotkeys.


Rebind the keys that are most comfortable for you... or even improve the default (and often 'orribly outdated) binds!


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