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  1. My guess is: 39,680,000,000 I concur about Howard the Duck. That movie never clicked with me. I had a friend that loved it, but he also loved pineapple on pizza, so he's not to be trusted.
  2. That is the highest number that can be stored in one register. 2^32 power. But another register could be added to count influence higher if the need was great enough. You can only count to 5 on one hand (register), but if you add another you can count all the way to 10!
  3. Likewise. I just wish that it provided "invisibility" to the faction that matched the costume. It would be GREAT to be able to use the Carnie costume to not aggro carnies while it was toggled on.
  4. When this happens out of the blue, it is almost always an anti-virus update / change that isn't letting the game save the file. Check your exclusions for cityofheroes.exe or see if you can set the game directory to be excluded -- or at least the screenshots directory.
  5. The workaround you are doing is the only solution I've found thus far as well.
  6. After looking over the list of changes, I have to say that for me this is the best QoL patch that I can remember. The location and thumbtack changes alone are incredible. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
  7. It seems like this might be the perfect use case for the Sentinel. I popped in to give my 2 cents for the Sentinel being a fun, easy AT to play.
  8. That is ALL that I am going to call them now.
  9. That name is awesome because it works both ways: Darth Brooks OR Garth Maul
  10. It has been mentioned here in this thread:
  11. The test servers are pretty much like this now. Log in, make a character, give it as much XP as you want to be whatever level you'd like.
  12. I would just like the option to "lock" piece in so it didn't randomize. Sometimes there a parts of the random character that look good to me, but I'm not patient / skilled enough to change everything else. I'd like like to lock that part in and keep hitting random. Conversely, I sometimes have a costume close, but want to look at some other options. If I like the head, face, hair, etc... It would be nice to get some random help in the remaining areas without wiping out the stuff I liked.
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