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  1. I just back to say that it works if you click it with the mouse from the menu, but if you hit the hotkey on the keyboard they do NOT work.
  2. It is working as normal for me on Excelsior as of this posting.
  3. The first 5-10 million is the hardest. After that you have some capital to work with. The adage "It take money (inf) to make money (inf)." is still true here.
  4. I would be ok with adding more characters to the bio, but this right here: Is probably the best reason NOT to. I like to read bios, I even take the time to write a few for some characters, but I really don't want to read 3 pages of random musings. Keep it short, keep it concise and that will keep it interesting.
  5. I like the way that Dominators play. I think that having a unique game mechanic makes the set fun to work with. I get that it can be clicky and the penalty for JUST missing the domination recharge is discouraging -- I hate it when I hear that domination dropping sound and my sparkles go away -- but I really would hate to see this changed from how it is now. I just "feels" like such a sense of accomplishment when you get perma-dom and manage to keep it through the mission(s).
  6. Also the AH automatically combines all enhancements into on large fungible pool, so when I put in a level 35 Luck of the Gambler Defense IO in the AH, it adds it to the pool of Luck of Gambler Defense IO's, then when you buy a level 50 Luck of Gambler Defense IO, it removes one from the pool -- same IO. It also does the same with the Attuned Luck of the Gambler Defense IO's. It is a magic market that converts between enh levels, salvage rarity and probably other things to make the market in Homecoming pretty awesome. It means that anything can be valuable, and no one is really able to corner the market on niche items (for very long). Edit: Dang it, snipped by CaptainLupis while I was typing.
  7. I have the contagious confusion proc in my Illusion controllers Deceive power. It procs fairly often and usually hits 1 or 2 extra targets when it does. The problem is that the time they are confused is quite short and it seems to generate aggro (where Deceive doesn't) that I sometimes find myself hoping it doesn't proc. I'll probably respec out of it when I get around to it. It would be great if the confusion lasted longer, or didn't generate aggro when it wears off, but as is, it is kind of meh...
  8. This already exists if the recipe is IN the AH. I drop my recipe the AH, click on it, then in the top window there is an option to click for the salvage needed. It will then bring up all of the salvage needed to craft that recipe that you can bid on them from there. It would be nice to do it without having to drop the recipe in the AH, but it still saves me time doing it this way.
  9. Was the taxi brigade around on Victory? I don't remember using them and I DO remember creeping around the Hollows trying not to die -- a LOT!
  10. I like unique names as well. I do wish however, that accounts that have left the game would have their names released. I know, how do you determine ones that have left the game? What period of inactivity is required? I also think that any inactivity time should be account based inactivity, and not character based. I have a few character names that I fully intend to play at some point, but haven't gotten to them yet. I'd hate to lose the name because I'm having fun playing something else at the time and "forgot" that I needed to log in on CoolName McBlaster to keep the name.
  11. Newer statistics show that it is closer to 84%.
  12. I concur the 80 merits as well for the first. The first run is "double" merits, then it goes on 18 hour cool down and is only 40 merits for subsequent runs.
  13. I just tested this and I think that the system on Beta will work for me. I went and bought the P2W base teleported options -- true, those are a little pricey, it would be nice to see them a little cheaper. I already had the beacon for a few zones so the Accolade popped in. I found the Fast Travel power in my list and drug it out to a tool bar -- replaced where the Ouro portal was and started playing around. My testing wasn't fully extensive, but I hit the Long Range Teleport accolade, it brought up a list of zones. Instead of clicking it, I hit a macro for a base on the Beta server that I pulled from the forum (thank you base builders!!) and it took me to the base. Once in the base I hit another macro for another base and it took me to it immediately. I exited the base and tried the other base tp and portal options. To pop around. Checked them and they were all on cool down. So I fiddled with combining Hami-O's to get a level 53 (just to see one of them) and checked out a couple other items at the P2W vendor. By that time 2 of the powers were ready again, with only the LRTP still on cool down. My plan is to use the non-charge powers when they are available and hopefully have charges available for the day job powers for those times they are not available. I do wish that the Ouro portal counted as a portal that allowed the enterbasebypasscode power, but then it would probably be even more crowded around the portal in Ouro. The Fast Travel menu is (for me) the thing that makes this workable.
  14. Well played everyone. Although I was never even close, it was a fun game. Thanks to the Homecoming team for running it!
  15. Woot! I was able to donate this time. Happy Halloween!!
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