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  1. Keeping one's hair in place is an inherent super power that all heroes get.
  2. You should be able to right click on the one tabs and select the "Move to Bottom" option. That should bring back the 2-pane chat window. From there you can either continue to right click and select move to bottom, or just drag other tabs from the top to the bottom.
  3. I've found that having Recall Friend on your main is helpful for getting your char that is following you back to you when things go awry.
  4. My problems went away after they restarted Excelsior. Sorry that your having problems. Do you get the same behavior on servers others than Indom?
  5. I am also having problems today. Takes a LONG time to load the character screen and change characters on the selection screen. Once I try to enter the game, it sits for a minute or so, then gives some kind of error. First time it was something like "Lost connection to the DBserver" and crashed out. Then was told the account was logged in (as usual when client crashes) and 2nd time logging worked. Still slow, then I tried to log in with the character that had problems last time and was that the character was still logging out. Then I came here looking to see if I was the only one having problems and found this thread.
  6. I just downloaded and ran it. Windows complained at every step that it might be harmful (guessing that the code wasn't signed or something), but my AV software gave it a clean bill of heath. Thanks for the tutorial to get started and explain what the different options are, saved a bunch of time fiddling with it to figure it out. I have a pretty good set of binds already, but this looks like it might be helpful in editing or maintaining them. I particularly like the color and duration options for text binds. The interface was a bit "jumpy". By that I mean when I clicked in an area and it activated new menu components / options, the UI would rearrange to make room for them and "twitch" around. I like the preloads for MM's and inspiration usage. I'll have to look at it closer, but thank you for sharing.
  7. That is good to know -- and different from when I got my PB to 50 back on live. I didn't play much towards the end and didn't know about this change.
  8. So, do human form powers carry over to Kheld forms now? If you hit Light Form, can you then switch to Nova for mighty blasting goodness and retain the Light Form buffs? If so, is this different from live? I don't remember this being the case.
  9. I don't have any network monitoring tools loaded, but Resource Monitor shows that cityofheroes.exe uses about 10,000 B/sec. So, a rough estimate would be 10,000 * 60 *60 = 36000000 B/hour. Divide by 1000 a couple of times and you end up with about 36 MB / hour. Interesting to note that as the mission went on, the B/sec decreased. Down to about 1/2 of that. It did spike up to around 12,000 B/sec at times right at first. I also only ran 1 AE mission to look at this, so your mileage may vary, but I'd say on the outside 50 MB / hour would be a conservative guess. That does not include any download of files due to patching, those could significantly increase the usage.
  10. Congrats to the winners! I'm happy to be part of the team, even if I never win, place or show! It's a good cause.
  11. +1 The ability to "lock" something in so that you can't mess it up while you fiddle with other parts would be great.
  12. MM's can at least drop inspirations on their pets and it uses them on that pet. Controllers can't do that. I use the team inspirations to but my Phantasm. I assume it would work on Imps or other as well, I've just not got another Controller / Dom to pet level yet to confirm.
  13. I only really notice the excessive nudging that occurs when zoning or team teleporting. I think that is just because the game tries to stick the characters models in the same spot and it takes a while for the server and clients to fight it out for positioning. Other than that, maybe I just don't notice. Sometimes if I'm trying to level up at Ms. Liberty or something, but it is almost always a crowded place where I notice it so I assume it is just a crowding issue more than intentional.
  14. You may want to play with the "/noparticles 1" and "/noparticles 0" commands to see if they can help. I'll use them from time to time when I get TOO many buffs / AoE stacking up on and around me (mostly on my melee characters). It causes other problems with seeing effects in the game, but if you macro it up for each you can toggle it quickly.
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