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  1. Looks like all you need to do is remove the second "/" in the command. This command worked fine when I tested it: /macro_image "SuperSpeed_Burnout" afk "afk randommessage"
  2. Thanks for the tip. I'm embarrassed to say that I have been copying and pasting my @name each time, but THIS will be much better.
  3. I think that sometimes the AH mixes up recipe sales and enhancement sales. It is just a hunch and I have NO data to support it other than anecdotal from my use. I will occasionally see things the other way as well, I'll be selling a recipe and see that the last 2 sold for 5M, where it normally sells for a 100K or something similar. Of course, that could also be explained by someone inadvertently bidding on a recipe when they thought that they were bidding on the enhancement.
  4. Slightly off topic, but I have SM / Willpower that I'm looking for slotting advice, so I was drawn to this thread (and thanks for sharing your builds!). Is there a list somewhere that shows good "leveling" sets to replace purples in builds with while leveling prior to level 50?
  5. Is there an e-mail limit? How about a character item limit?
  6. Responded with persons global name via PM. Good luck with the quest.
  7. I wasn't aware of the 120 threads for those vet levels. Thanks for the info on them.
  8. My Brute, vet level 16, still gets thread drops in missions.
  9. Does anyone know if the contents of the super pack is determined at time of purchase or at time of opening?
  10. Could it be an OS problem rather than a CoH problem? Did permissions get set to not allow write to wherever you are saving your keybind file to? Is anti-virus software preventing the file from saving?
  11. You can change to any of the 3 character types for the costume slot. I think there is one employee at each shop that can change your body type.
  12. I used to do this a little bit as well, now I just have the right hand column reserved for a rez if needed. I keep an awaken, a break free, and a catch a breath -- I replace each with a bigger version if it drops. I try to use the rest of them often -- especially if running solo.
  13. I love this idea in theory, but the packrat in me just won't let me do for everything. I hold on any purple recipes that I get with the idea that I'll make an alt that will need them.
  14. Nothing wrong with Excelsior, but if you really decide to change to Everlasting, character transfers are free and I think you can do like 5 a week or something like that. The only risk is that your name is taken on the target server and you have to rename your char.
  15. That is almost the exact opposite of my approach. A name will come to me and with it, usually an idea for a rough power type -- maybe fire, or dark or something. Then I'll see if it or a variant of it is available and build my character around that seed. I seldom ever create a character and then try to figure out a name.
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