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  1. Also, since the market (I believe) sells the LOWEST priced item to the HIGHEST bidder above the selling price it encourages people to price lower to get the sale. This helps a little with keeping market prices from inflating too much.
  2. Hardship

    The Tailor? Really?

    I think that is probably left over from when Icon tailor visits were expensive back on Live. Much of the influence cost has been removed from Homecoming tailor sessions.
  3. 103 - Frozen Blast Enhancement: Acc / Dam / Rech -- Same as #63
  4. 2 - Tactical Dual Inspiration (Medium Dual +Acc / +Dam) 63 - Frozen Blast Enhancement: Acc / Dam / Rech 94 - Blistering Cold Enhancement: Recharge / Chance for Hold
  5. I haven't played a Kheld on Homecoming, but I (somehow) still had my bind files from the old days. The only thing that I notice different is that I have them in the reverse order. My "Human" macro looked like this: /macro H "powexectoggleoff bright nova$$powexectoggleoff white dwarf$$gototray 1" Are you including the quote marks when you create it? That could be the issue.
  6. Thank you for sharing. I've found this useful already!
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