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Shard components & TFs


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There are a number of components that can be crafted from shards. Without getting into the overdone debate on shards vs. threads, I'd like to determine which tfs grant which shard component. 

For example, I know I can get an Ancient Nictus Fragment from an ITF. 

Ancient Nictus Fragment - ITF
Dimensional Keystone - ? 
Essence of the Incarnate - ? 

Gr'ai Matter - Vanguard Merit purchase (once per 18 hours) 
Hero 1 DNA Sample - ? 
Penumbra of Rularuu - ? 

My guess is I can get a Hero 1 from completing the Lady Grey TF..but it's been so long since I've done one of those...and never really paid attention to any other reward besides merits..if there even is a table that pops up like after the ITF. 

My "Search-fu" has proven inadequate. For all I know, this was just something in live that didn't make it to HC.  Anyone with insight? 

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Incarnate Components used in the Alpha Slot are acquired after unlocking the Alpha Slot from Mender Ramiel's story arc, by:

Completion of Mender Ramiel's story arc (1 Incarnate Shard)
Completion of the following Task Forces, Strike Forces, Trials, and Raids as a reward:
Barracuda Strike Force (Dimensional Keystone)
Dr. Kahn Task Force (Dimensional Keystone)
Imperious Task Force (Ancient Nictus Fragment)
Lord Recluse Strike Force (Essence of the Incarnate)
Statesman's Task Force (Essence of the Incarnate)
The Lady Grey Task Force (Hero 1 DNA Sample)
Cathedral of Pain Trial (Penumbra of Rularuu)
Hamidon Raid (4 Incarnate Shards)
Conversion of 150 Vanguard Merits into one Gr'ai Matter
Random drop of Incarnate Shard from any even-con or higher enemy, of which four to eight can be used to form a new Component. Because the drop roll is per enemy, per person, an enemy might drop a Shard for every member of the team, making it possible (but not very likely) that a single enemy could drop eight Shards. Note that Shards do not drop from enemies defeated in the streets of or story content of Dark Astoria.



although in my opinion it is a waste of time.  especially since you can grind the ouro arc for a random component every 20 min, rares and very rares possible

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I have never seen a hamidon reward table with 4 shards. I've seen 3 choices - random Hami-O, 4 Emp Merits, 80 reward merits (the first time, 40 each time after) 

I get why a lot of folks don't "get" shards. For me, the game drops them, I want to use them. Get probably about 4 shards for every 20 threads from the RNG. Seems about the same drop rate for what's needed as the thread stuff - and since I can only use them in Alpha, it makes sense to use them. 
I can easily t-4 a fresh 50 with influence to unlock all slots and burn through 400 emps to complete a characters incarnate path. But that wouldn't be much fun. 

I see absolutely no reason to waste a perfectly good collection of Emp Merits on the t-3 and t-4 when I have plenty of shards to use. I rotate my characters a good bit, so it's not a headache for me to wait until the next weekly to get the next notice. So, the shard system for Alpha works for me and is far more efficient and practical than using threads which are best served by being saved for the other incarnate slots. You'll fill those much faster not using parts for the alpha, be assured. Once you get a t-3 in Alpha, it just doesn't make any sense at all to use threads - unless all you do is incarnate content. Not the case with me. Other than a few badge iTrials, I try to avoid it. It's just dull to me. Boring. Done it so many times already, I can't bare to do it that often unless doing a favor for someone. There's a lot more tf variety than iTrial. 

But thanks for the list. Curious as to where you got it. 

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