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Lost Continents - MMO's Lost


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I frequently visit Massively Overpowered | MMORPG news and opinions (massivelyop.com) and enjoy the Lost MMO's series of articles.


There is just something about this latest entry I really like - I feel like it is COH's long lost cousin for look, feel and customization. 


Sadly the work was pre-COH and never made it to go-live.  


The Game Archaeologist: Lost Continents, the Jules Verne MMO we never got | Massively Overpowered (massivelyop.com)











"She who lives by the cybernetic monstrosity powered by living coral, all too often dies by the cybernetic monstrosity powered by living coral."  -Doc Buzzsaw

Pineapple 🍍 Pizza 🍕 is my thumbs up. 

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I'd have loved this. 


That said,  it would be a shame if the game was fully set on just Jules Vern's visions.  We're talking "Lost World genre" here, and Verne was just a piece of it.  H. Rider Haggard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and others, even Rudyard Kipling, all contributed rich material to the concept.  I've long wished there was an MMO that took an Edgar Rice Burroughs approach and allowed exploration of an alternate world Africa, with fabulous Solomonic treasures and lost Roman cities to be found, all while surviving death traps, fighting monstrous beasts and creatures lost to time, and deposing villainous explorers and petty tribal dictators.  It could be such fun!

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