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  1. I am a casual player and spent 5 years getting my first level 50 on live. On HC that journey was 6 months. COH has become ridiculous easy to level in many ways and does not need another. In a world of blinkies the game needs to find new ways to be sticky and keep player attention span. My experiences say there are many level 50s out there who flew to the top and have no idea about incarnate system / how to unlock, chat channels, task forces or even form / participate in a team. none of this is a complaint but an opportunity to team and show new people new facets of the wo
  2. starro


    Non-Homecoming version of the game?
  3. welcome back. My old stand-by is super strength/invulnerability. Radiology has been a fun addition to the game!
  4. I had this. You did nothing wrong and not punitive, just happens. If a verify does not fix it there is a text file that checks with the server and it is hung up. Delete and corrected files will download. I had a level 35 hero and thought I had data loss but there was no data loss. I will see if I can find that fix. edit : rename playerslot.txt to playerslot.backup and restart game.
  5. The redesigned Atlas Park has an arboretum/enclosed glass area on top of a building.
  6. Any body that is not standard male, female, huge goes white on mine too including Recluse.
  7. thank you homecoming supporters, community and hc team
  8. thank you homecoming. Starro felt alone with only millions of his starfish minions to keep him company tuesday
  9. Starro commands you to discontinue Avast and apply a starfish over your mammal head. All is fine when you are one with Starro. I have had the same with avast unhelpful messaging
  10. and it’s magnificent. MAGNIFICENT.
  11. I like all three starting zones, but easily everyone wants to save the day and be a hero. on my list of magic wishes (unlimited, time money and resources) there would be a large villain story update and new Arachnos stuff.
  12. Not this mission specifically but I have completed missions only to have the same mission come up. This bug for me happened on live as well as Homecoming but very infrequently. After doing the same mission 2-3 times I would just open a support ticket or it self corrects with a computer restart.
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