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  1. Starro commands you to discontinue Avast and apply a starfish over your mammal head. All is fine when you are one with Starro. I have had the same with avast unhelpful messaging
  2. and it’s magnificent. MAGNIFICENT.
  3. I like all three starting zones, but easily everyone wants to save the day and be a hero. on my list of magic wishes (unlimited, time money and resources) there would be a large villain story update and new Arachnos stuff.
  4. Not this mission specifically but I have completed missions only to have the same mission come up. This bug for me happened on live as well as Homecoming but very infrequently. After doing the same mission 2-3 times I would just open a support ticket or it self corrects with a computer restart.
  5. Be mean to us and alternate. Call one the Paladin and the other the Earl or some other royal title.
  6. strength and invulnerability. Her costume is so basic - blue head to toe. I learned to play the game with her, lead groups, support teams, learned enhancements, architect and Wentworth tutorials. This is my old go-to and solo or group she mostly never dies... mostly. At relaunch I could not believe old muscle memory and the feels that showed up. I was told you can never truly go home again, but COH like many things bends those rules.
  7. Please submit all requests to the following: Super-Group Registry 1 Atlas Park Paragon City, Rhode Island ATTN: Dick Ballzac, Super Group Registrar Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
  8. Civilian NPCs - Paragon Wiki Archive It's been years and I don't think it is around any more but I wonder if the old City of Heroes "Herostats" utility had that. I just remember it was very small.
  9. welcome to the game. I have loved all archtype for their strengths and weaknesses. Even this awful, awful awful sonic corrupter I am playing right now
  10. you can lower difficulty to -1. Sometimes I gain another level and come back to that tough mission. add range if possible. I had a super weak kinetic. A dark powered elite boss was 2 hit killing me unless I got away. I would run by, attack and then slow the villain to get away and range attack. I must have spent 45 minutes chipping away. sometimes I find corners or wedge a villain into some graphics/two crates and work on them. Rarely I can hover above and have them run circles any more.
  11. THANK YOU homecoming as you worked through the issues to make this happen. Hey, where can I tune in and watch these videos you all complained you couldn't make ???
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