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Spectral pirate badge guide


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This a rough guide to getting the four badges associated with Spectral Pirates. Feedback is appreciated


Why, the badges:

Pirate earns you Night Haunt

Spectral earns you Red Hand



You must kill 100 spectral pirates to get the Pirate badge.

To get the spectral badge you must kill 100 pirate on top of a trap. They don't have to be right on it, but pretty close to the circle.

There are several traps in Fort Hades, they look like circular glowing Arachnos style machines.

  • Note, there are a few are on the walls which is helpful



Red side - Port Oaks, Fort Hades in the NE corner of the map.

I think the best hunting spot is the NE section of the fort, which juts out quite a bit. There's a pad right in the middle of that section.

Pulling through the front door is probably the hardest spot.



The pirates only appear at night. Night as defined in City of Hero is here

This means when you computer clock is between 26 to 38 or 56 to 8 mins. That is nighttime in COH.



The biggest problem with this badge is pulling the mobs to the traps.

If you are doing this at 50, it's too easy one shot mobs and they scatter immediately.

Here is what I suggest (changed a bit do to feedback):

  • Use taunt or Origin attacks. Some people don't have a issue pulling at 50. Your mileage might vary.
  • If you are having issues with one shotting or scatter. Take any red side Oro mission that will cap you at level 19
    • Why level 19, because some of the mobs are level 15 Elite bosses, which I found out the hard way
    • At level 19 you can mostly avoid one shotting the mobs with your weakest attack.
    • Most will still aggro on you can not scatter. 
    • If there is a swarm of level 15 pirates including EBs you are safe.
  • Scout out the trap locations. Several are on top of the wall. Since, the pirates fly, it's easy to draw them to the traps.
    • Fly or jet packs are useful
  • If you see a fountain of green light come out of a trap, that means a big spawn has occurred. Go get em!
  • If you see them fighting with Archnos, hit the Archnos, it will aggro them all and avoid accidental kills.


Using this method, I was able to get all the necessary kills in four nights, about two hours. I would do other stuff during the day, then come back when it was time.

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