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Really bad lag


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Last 2-3 days I have been having really bad lag both in game and the character select area. Running on the Excelsior shard.
Loading the character list can take 10-15 seconds to load and selecting a character can take ~5-7 seconds to display the character model.
Entering the game can take ~25 seconds to load up.
When in game NPCs and cars rubberband back and forth. Powers activate seconds after they have fired. AH is a pain to use where clicking to sell an item or [Get] either nothing happens or in the chat window it says posted or retrieved the item but it doesnt change my Enh Tray/Salvage/Inf/etc for a few seconds.

Tried So Far
Verify Game Files via HCLauncher
Reboot PC
Reboot Router

Tracert and Ping to the Excelsior server here:



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Added some port forwarding rules to the router and I did a quick login to test and it seemed fine.

Turned on Netgraph 1 and nothing bad - no red bars or any Duplicate, Retrans or Lost. Exited the game.

Loaded the game just now and Netgraph 1 is bad:

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Wow, looks like a Christmas Light Display..... 

Are you using a wireless connection? If so, try using a wired connection and see if it improves your connection, it should. Wireless are great for convenience but are never running at your full potential speed, and multiple things can effect their stability. Latency is the real killer here as things have to happen at real time. Keep us posted.

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Having the same exact issue Metacore is describing. Started happening yesterday or the day before but it's been absolutely terrible today. The transition from server select to character list is a good 20 seconds, and no matter what toon I choose, another 10 sometime 15 seconds to load into the zone. Rubber banding is terrible too.  Coincidentally, I'm on Exelsior shard too, so I doubt this is isolated to a wifi/computer problem. I also noticed the problem occurring when I hop on the beta server as well (I tested with a wired connection & ran speed test). 


I also noticed that there hasn't been the typical Tuesday morning server maintenances for the past 2 weeks, maybe more?

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Thanks guys.
Issue is resolved but I'll answer the question from Marine X.

Using a Cat5e LAN cable (always game on LAN when possible).

I contacted my internet provider to see if they can assist and after a few days of speed tests and their poor support I moved to a different provider and immediately the issue went away.
I am in Australia.
Old Provider
Ping: 17-41ms
Tracert Hops: 21-24

New Provider
Ping: 3ms
Tracert Hops: 19

@MageAgainstTheRegime something I was going to try but didnt end up doing is a DNS Flush/Reset:

Start Menu > type "CMD"  (without quotes)
Right-Click the "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Admin"
Type "ipconfig /flushdns" and press Enter.
Type "ipconfig /registerdns" and press Enter.
Type "ipconfig /release" and press Enter.
Type "ipconfig /renew" and press Enter.
Type "netsh winsock reset" and press Enter.
Restart the computer.

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That was done a few days ago I think. Might be but Im sure many others would be affected if it was and ingame chat would have lots of chats about poor performance.

I did a ping and tracert to the Excel IP and as expected my times are worse yet the game is fine for me:

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10 hours ago, metacore said:

Sorry @MageAgainstTheRegimeI got distracted by work lol.
Im guessing you already did a modem reboot, firmware update, reset, etc?

@metacore no worries - I was on the phone 2 hours last night with xfinity. I rebooted the modem twice, saw packets dropping while doing a ping test, *'s on traceroute, etc. I asked if they could check firmware and push out an update but they had no idea how to do that. They said I could get the modem swapped for another. After getting off the call with them, I turned on mobile hotspot on my cell phone and was able to run the game no problems. Then when I switched back to my home network, everything started working fine. So I have no idea what happened yesterday. The game (and internet) is running fine today. Who knows...

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I am having the same problem.  I am running a Predator Helios 300 laptop with Windows 10.  I also have a Phenom II Windows 7 desktop connected to the internet via a PCI Wireless N 150 adapter.  That computer does not seem to have any problem running it at all.  I am connecting to the Reunion server. I am about to try resetting my network adapter to see if that helps. I hope it does.



I reset my network adapter and followed the instructions from Metacore concerning the DNS flush/reset.  I am still getting the lag issue.  If anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate it.

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There is a possibility that it is a Pathway issue. These can be hard to resolve but we may be able to find a starting point.

You say you are on Reunion, if you log into one of the four NA Shards do you have the same performance issues?


If so, that means the problem is somewhere closer to you, perhaps your ISP, modem or Router.

If not, that suggests the problem is something between you and the server in Germany.


There is a program called WireShark that you can download for free that can show you all the hops that your connection takes to get from point A to point B.

After that who knows, I know for me in Ohio, there was an internet Black Hole right between me and the NA servers called Detroit when i first started here that used to give me fits, so I switched to Reunion, problem solved.


Hope this helps...

" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

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