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Cannot send emails when over 20 messages


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I gather this is an old rule that was suddenly enabled; probably during past server restart.


Is this an intentional change?  When trying to send an email to myself I get this:




Yes, the boot fits (I send myself a bunch of crap), but this used to not be an issue.


If this only applied to number of emails with Inspirations, I would be all for this...

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It's correct that the limit is 100, and the bug is that the error message still says 20.


Not aware of the exceeding 100 thing. My understanding is that it should bounce messages over the 100th back to the sender. If it actually lets you go over 100, I'd be worried it would truncate the list to 100 on you somewhere along the way.

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Ok, can confirm it's 100, though it appears it's overall -- there's no exception for messages with attachments (I have 2 emails without and 98 with).


@UberGuy - it's not a limit of 100 messages in your inbox.  it's a lock on your ability to send outgoing email until you're down under 100.  So I'm not too terribly concerned about truncation.

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I get that it's blocking outgoing mail, but I believe that's a "poor man's" way of limiting the size. Letting it grow unbounded beyond that can have all sorts of unexpected consequences. While I doubt the mail file is going to grow large enough to cause actual storage issues (the entries are likely very small), it certainly could cause issues for global mail. Like so many things in CoH, we know it's implemented with the code equivalent of baling wire and duct tape. (Last we were given details, mail goes into a flat text file that's updated whenever a mail is written or deleted.)


Just you having an oversized mailbox isn't likely to cause a problem, but if lots of people start doing it, that's something else.

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