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Dupin' Rares


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This was Strange.


I emailed myself a [Power:Overwhelming Force: Damage/Chance for Knockdown/Knockback to Knockdown.1], logged out, and when I logged back in, it was still in my tray.

But also in my email!


a) Yay! Bank error in your favor! (I'm wanting keep it, after the SBB bugs mentioned previously)

b) Why does this never happen with purples?

c) Is this character just buggy? Are there characters that are just buggy?



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The usual source of this is that there are differences in how your character's current data (including inventory) is persisted vs. how various "external" storage mechanisms like global mail or base bins are persisted.


When you add or remove something from global mail or a base bin, the new state of those things is updated immediately. Your character, however, is mostly only updated when you leave a zone, or are logged out (which, behind the scenes, basically are the same things).


If you update global mail or a bin, and then the mapserver your character is in crashes, then the external storage is updated, but your character is not. This can either duplicate inventory, or cause it to be lost.

  • If you dropped something from your inventory to a bin / mail, then the zone crashes, you will have the item(s) in both places.
  • If you take something from a bin / mail and the zone crashes, the item(s) will be lost.

There was a time pre-sunset when some folks figured out a way to crash mapservers in a repeatable way, and used the above rules to dupe rares on purpose. They were dumb enough to do it in a city zone rather than some mission / base map, so it was hugely noticeable, and they got themselves banned.


My guess is that the zone crashed (or was otherwise terminated) after you logged, but before the mapserver kicked your character out for being disconnected from your client.


Edit: If your client crashes, it won't cause this. That just eventually leads to your character disconnecting. If your client stops responding and you eventually get "Lost Connection to Mapserver", that can mean the zone crashed. If multiple people in the same mission or zone all experience that at the same time, but only people from that mission or zone, it almost certainly means the mapserver crashed.

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