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Return to Battle recharge timer?


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I used Return to Battle at one point only to die a short while later.  After my ambulance ride to the local infirmary I noticed that my recharge timer for Return to Battle was over 100 minutes, which would equate to around an hour and 40 minutes.  The power itself lists a 1 hour recharge and the power also states that it is unaffected by Recharge adjustments, so how did I end up nearly doubling the recharge on the power?  Did something get adjusted without notice?


If it helps, I had something put Snow Storm on me just before my second death but I would assume slows wouldn't affect the recharge timer either, and wouldn't persist after a hospital run.  Zoning also did not affect the timer and neither did a quick logout to character selection.





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This may suggest that one of the mapservers has a system clock problem. Assuming you changed zones when you died, the timer would continue based on the "wall clock" difference in the zone you died in and where the hospital was. If the hospital zone's clock is slow, that would add time to your recharge.


If that's what's up, it's still a "bug" in the sense that someone may need to check the server system clocks. 😜

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