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An improvement for Powexeclocation


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If at all possible, I'd like a new switch/command for Powexeclocation:




So, for example:  Powexeclocation TargetOrMax Combat Teleport


What this would do is either:


1.) Set the power location at the feet of the Target

2.) Or, if the target isn't in range, sets the location of the power at the max distance allowable -in- the direction of the direction of the target.


This would be really handy for something like Combat Teleport so that you can easily hit one bind/macro to easily hop a larger distance to far away target.  This would also make it easier to fire off other drop powers.  Usually, people can judge the distance pretty well on their own so missing the target by a few feet isn't going to matter much as a lot of the drop powers have decent wide radius anyway.

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