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Costume options and Auras

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Suggestions here and I don't even know if some of these would be even possible.


  • Would some more belts be possible for female characters like the V option that have them coming down into the groove of the buttocks over their pants/tights a bit?


  • Would it be possible to create capes that were a bit shorter than the short capes we have now? Like the fringe back bandana looking short cape, look just a tad bit longer than that one but not as long as the 'short' cape option available now.


  • Could you add some more designs for tights both tops and bottoms and capes? Like there's star, lock, magic, arctic along those lines.


  • Could you make a thigh high 'sleek' tight option? I like the one currently but would more option on that would be nice (without buckles or frills plz as least an option to do with all of the design choices for patterns on them)


  • Could you add a halter top style band top both on tight and on tops with skin?   Like the bikini straps but with more material than a bikini on it. * The last two Pictures attached for reference on halter tops



  • For auras the existing options in game of things that came with the wedding pack like the throw flowers, those flowers whisping about would be nice, could you add those to the existing aura list? have the option to have them appear during combat etc?  Circling glowing juggling balls with the sparkly option would be great, they're so pretty.


  • For hair; Could we have some s big hair options for female characters?  longer and curly and longer and wavy would be nice, short would be okay too, but my preference is for longer *Added pictures  for reference. 


  • The jeans option, my female character has a flat hind end in them, could you give the jeans a less flat bum look for female characters in those? I was like ohh :classic_ohmy: those are nice but she has no bum 🙃 she has big flat pockets for a hind end.


💜 I've also noticed some of the updates and I think they're looking great, you're all doing a good job with the costume options, keep it up!





a hair.jpg

b hair.jpg

C hair.png

dp1 big.jpg



halter 1.jpg


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Buddy the Elf makes debut for HUB Late Night


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On 4/18/2021 at 2:06 PM, Grindingsucks said:

Only if those hair styles are called The Queen Bey, The Dolly Parton, and the Farah Fawcett.   Otherwise, I vote yes.  😁👍

🙂 May be a slight problem with the names if they have any of their hair or wigs trademarked under their names. 😮 ❤️ big hair

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Buddy the Elf makes debut for HUB Late Night


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