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Heavy Weapons Customization for Rifles

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I was gonna make a new powerset suggestion over on my other thread supporting the idea for a 'Heavy Weapons' blast powerset, but then I figured I'd also suggest porting over heavy weapon skins over to Assault Rifle, Munitions Mastery, Mercenaries and maybe Arachnos Soldier, Beam Rifle and Robotics.


Given that a lot of 'Heavy Weapons' in this game actually use the same animations and FX of Assault Rifle, and just have different weapon models to portray them being bigger and badder, I figured it may just be easier to request that some of these weapon models are ported over to the current weapon sets so players can make use of them too. All that these new weapon skins require is for the location of the 'barrel' to be positioned differently to normal guns.


So, here's a few weapon skins I can imagine fitting this concept rather well;








Heavy Barrel



Grenade Launcher






Rocket Launcher



DUST Cannon


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I have always wanted to be able to use and incorporate the dust weapons and artillery from First Ward, I always hoped that they would be integrated which is why I didn't put it on my Praetorian Artilleries, they have very unique weapons and I'd like to see this added as well as the other weapons enlisted.


@Tyrannical I think a vanguard set could be cool using their torrents they use in RWZ as a pet perhaps or the endurance draining weapons they possess

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