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Suggestion for the day you take in a 3D modeler

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One thing that's always bugged me is that, in the character creator/tailor, there's no option for hiding the human ears when taking animal ears. I would love such an option, as right now I have to choose hairstyles that cover up the human ears, and would like to be able to choose other hairstyles, or no hair at all.

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Working as the old team intended. The new team isn't as much of a boy's club, as I understand it, so oversexed teen-boy fantasies like the kawaii sexy anime catgirl are less of what I imagine they'd be catering to, once they have the means and the modeling staff to add/alter models and such.

This. My characters tend to not even be human in any way, and as such don't have human ears. Using animal ears costume parts does not automatically mean "catgirl" or similar
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oversexed teen-boy fantasies like the kawaii sexy anime catgirl




If you mean you think there should be proper bestial heads for e.g. lion-people, sure.  There are some, but I'd love to see more.  If you mean that kemonomimi, which is what I understood the OP to be asking about, should clearly be earless human heads... look I think our ideas of what counts as "oversexed" in regards to ear placement might be different here.


In any case, my initial response was meant to be tongue-in-cheek as much as anything.  "Grey"-style alien heads are fine by me.

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So...why would this need a 3D modeler anyways? Couldn't they literally just put it in the ears options? "None" and then just remove any ear piece that's there.


They would need a new head model. Presently the head model is built with human ears, the non-animal, non-human ears (Vampire, Elf, etc) all apply a piece on top of the existing human ear. The animal ears (bunny, cat, bear, etc) on the other hand, those add the ears to the top of the head, but do nothing about the human ears on the side of the head, so depending on your hairstyle if you have say a bunnyboy, he's still going to have human ears visible as well.

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