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Best Use for Smoke Flash?

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I finally picked up Smoke Flash on my Ninja/Cold.  First thing I noticed:  Sure costs a bunch of endurance 😀.  Smoke Flash seems to do two things, but not 100% reliably:

  1. Increase damage via a string of criticals.  Most noticeable on the Genin, who doesn't normally critical.
  2. Rescue a wounded ninja.  Enemies do seem to switch targets away from the hidden ninja, at least momentarily.  I already use Frost Works when a ninja takes a small hit - thinking I might use Smoke Flash the same way.


Am I missing something?  Smoke Flash seems kind of hit-and-miss for 1/3 of your endurance.

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The placate is what is saving your ninja. Placate basically drops all threat on the mobs, so the ninja is ignored until he starts smacking things again. Using it to save a ninja is a good idea.


The additional damage from Crits is useful against big mobs, and I think even the Uni can crit. Its one of the better level 18 powers available to Masterminds (Repair from Robotics is awful..) but its certainly not the best (Hell on Earth gets my vote as the best personally) Throw some End Reduct in it, maybe some Recharge, and call it a day.

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