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Teleport in Ouro


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1 hour ago, Wavicle said:

A lot of "Target Blocked" and accidentally teleporting through the geometry still in Ouro itself.

I've attempted to duplicate this bug on the beta Brainstorm shard, but without success. I teleport as expected to each location I select throughout Ouroboros (including the outlying islands and underneath the main atrium).

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Just now, Wavicle said:

I experienced it just a little while ago, I’ll check again. This was with one range SO.

Ah thank you for that added detail, I will reslot and see what I encounter!

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I've removed all enhancements from Teleport and continued to move around the zone without encountering the bug you described. Again, I am on the Brainstorm beta server, so perhaps the issue was address in the latest patch on the beta server?

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2 minutes ago, Wavicle said:

This was on live by the way. Am I in the beta forum by mistake?

Ah! See I was reading that wrong so I tested in on Beta. This may very well be the case on live though.

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