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Female characters Bodysuit Muscled coloration mismatch

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This has been driving me nuts.  The top and bottom of the bodysuit muscled tights type (both gloss and matte) don't quite match.  The top is a bit lighter than the bottom.




I love them so much, but this makes them hard for me to use :P


Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the bug forum, but people seem to be using the bug forum more for mechanical/mission problems, so... I'm putting it here!

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Hello, everybody!  It's been a while, but I fixed this myself.




Here is a 7z with the files, if anyone wants them.  Extract it into your City of Heroes/Data directory.


As you can maybe see, there are other issues with how these textures line up.  The alpha channel was the main problem, but the shading on the legs is also a lot more harsh than the chest and it's a tough thing to fix.  I ended up softening the baked-in shadows quite a bit, especially on the legs, but I think the result looks better all-around.  I didn't touch the normal maps.


While I was working on this, I also noticed that the "Sharp" leg pattern has some weird color bleed around the butt, and I fixed that as well.  You can get that one here.

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The cybertech sleeveless tanktop also has coloration issues when other parts are selected and using the same color selection.  I 100% agree that it is very annoying.  I often find myself having to include a belt or other separation in order to "hide" the issue...

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