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Follow could work better

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Ever noticed if you try to follow someone while flying, you never quite get close enough? Even worse when you're trying to follow your team leader during a Hami raid (because not everybody's computers will allow casually looking around and choosing where you want to go), only to never get close enough to melee attack the yellow mitos? Even just in normal combat, trying to chase a runner as a flying melee character will never get you into attack range unless you switch to manual control, which isn't always as functional for some as it is for others.

Follow could work better. Instead on having Follow take the argument 1/0 for do it or don't, having it take an argument of desired range (say 1-240) in feet to close to would create much better usefulness (still using 0 for unfollow). Aside from melee issues, this could be very helpful for ranged attackers who want to get close enough, but no closer than they need to, but aren't always great at eyeballing it, or have dexterity problems in real life making fine control impossible.

Anyway, I don't know if this is even within the developers capability to alter in the old code. Just saying I think the ability to bind more fine control on the player end would be an improvement.

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My hovering melee characters feel this pain.  If I target a mob and then follow him while running, I always get into melee range to hit the target.  But if I target a mob and then follow him while hovering, I'm always just a foot short of melee range to hit the target.  I have to "skooch" the last foot with the forward key to trigger my melee attack.  This drives me nuts.



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