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Umbral Beast can trap you.


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I don't know what the intended behavior is but checking other pets it seems there's some inconsistency as to whether you can move through them or not.  From my own testing with what I have available, I found you cannot move or pass through the Umbra Beast, Fly Trap, or Animated Stone.  You can, however, move through and push Imps and Gremlins.  My guess is single pets are "solid" while multi-pets can be pushed.  Unfortunately, the only multi-pets are Fire and Electric.


While there are workarounds, namely resummoning the pet that's in the way, I would think you should be able to at least pass through persistent pets much like Mastermind henchman can be passed through.  I would ask the same of pets that don't stick around (Haunts, Dark Servant, Patron pets, etc) but given that those guys expire eventually they won't be in the way forever.


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