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So I did a thing. I wanted a way for all of the wonderful people from Liberty server to reconnect.

We had a wonderful start with the discord server set up for the updates on the server status but we found trying to connect with

our SG or VG groups were hard to do there as it all meshed together. So I started the Liberty Server CoH Discord Server.


Anyone that played on Liberty is welcome to come join us.

Our one rule is keep any drama that has happened elsewhere off that discord server please.


Once there we have a channel set up where you can identify an SG/VG that needs to be added to our growing list if it is not already there and we will add it.


We look forward to seeing old friends return home!




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There should be channels for the individual server communities on the official Discord, was something wrong with them?



Nothing at all, it was actually were a group of us realized we wanted something more. Something where we could make SG specific channels which could not be

done in the discord server that was there. They were already overloaded with channels and didn't want more, were looking at ways to reduce channels.  It is not

something anyone has to come to but we have had a great deal of success with people finding their SG and friends and being able to reconnect with that specific

group of people.


In approx. 5 days we have had approx. 140 people join based on word of mouth so it is reaching a need that some members of the community are wanting.



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I'm just now  getting the game installed.  I've been out of town and reading all the updates.  I was on Liberty Server from the start, my primary was Shock Factor, Elec/Energy blaster.  Most of my alts had the Factor last name, all part of one big family.

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