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MM Emotes For Pets Popmenu!


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We already have a Emotes popmenu for players as seen here and I realized our pets are left out and to be honest typing out the emotes makes me lazy to attempt a comedy, drama skit with emotes and sometimes they can't use some emotes (Demons) and so they sit there looking silly when the emote doesn't work on them.


So this where these popmenus comes in. It's adapted from Extor's Emotes Popmenu which I linked above and replaced all /ems with petsay and petsayall. I've also added a "Master and Pet" emotes, so you can slap your own pet! The petsayall popmenu affects all pets, if you want more granular control choose petsay which affects one targetted pet. You can go for both even!


Download and place the .mnu file in <CoH Install>\data\texts\English\menus directory. If you don't have one then you may create one. Then enter the game and type in chat: /macro (name) popmenu (name of popmenu) or /bind (key) popmenu (name of popmenu).


Petsayall (Affects all pets):









Petsay (Affects only targetted pet):








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UPDATE 7/21/21: Added Robot Emotes
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Hi, I've tried these and cannot get them to work as the emotes menu does.  This works for the emotes popmenu:


/macro EM popmenu universalemotes


Whereas this does not


/macro PEM popmenu DemonSayAll


I'm not seeing any error or anything I can check to see the difference.   Not familiar enough with proper syntax for the .mnu files to troubleshoot.  Ideas?

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/macro EM "popmenu DemonSayAll"


And double check directory just to make sure.

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