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  1. Seeing the replies to this Tanker's post, I'd like to point something out. [Edited to add this from chat on this current Patron mission - even the NPCs appear to agree...well, at least Wretch does. This made me laugh SO hard after posting, I went back to the mish, and here's Wretch] [NPC] The Wretch: Night-Shock!!! Night-Shock!!! [NPC] The Wretch: Night-Shock? [NPC] The Wretch: Wretch want back to Widow. Wretch will HURT you! You have defeated Sapper You gain 968 experience and 169 infamy. [NPC] The Wretch: Sapper!!! Sapper!!! [NPC] The Wretch: Wretch thank! [LOL - The Wretch. "Sapper!! Sapper!!" yep, I feel ya Wretch.] I am currently running missions against Malta on an alt. I've invested at least 30mm Inf into this alt. The alt is an electric/dark corrupter running Tough 4-slotted with Unbreakable Guard, Shadow Fall, 4-slotted with Gambler's and Weave 3-slotted with Karma. The corrupter also has 6-slotted the corrupter set scourging blast, power-transfer, positron's blast and multi-strike, has adjusted targeting 5-slotted, and 3 slotted thunderstrike, plus, has 4-slotted touch of the nictus, 4-slot pacing of the turtle and a perf shifter in stamina. He is L37. I "twinked" him I thought reasonably well... A yellow Malta Sapper can 1-shot my endurance entirely, stop my toggles, and hits most of the time right through the multiple defense buffs and the dark to-hit debuffs. Even running the salvage buff to reduce end drain, I usually eat a defense insp, and 3-4 end insp when I come across 1 in a group...and 2? I eat almost every insp I've got, throw down all my powers, and still, its a toss up if I survive... That indeed, seems out of whack. I'm throwing down temp powers, pets, buying the in-base salvage buff, consuming insp and playing a char with 10's of millions of Inf invested -- and before you post strategies to overcome sappers...remember...this is a minion we're talking about. A boss? Sure. But a minion? Really? So IMO - a balancing pass is needed on the malta sappers. Has been needed since back on live. I do not believe that a basic mob should require a custom build respec, that seems excessive. A boss, maybe. An AV, sure. But a basic mob? Really? Really...? And the fact that folks always jump pretty consistently on others who point it out doesn't seem helpful to me. I'd really like the homecoming folks to look at this, when they can. They're a volunteer team at the moment, so totally get that there is very limited bandwidth, and they are doing AMAZING, so this is NO complaint from me, I'm not whining at all. SO GRATEFUL TO HOMECOMING. You all are AMAZING! And...I've been cursing at these sapper dudes since live...they're a minion, not a boss. IMO their impact on game play is out of whack for what they are. Always has been...
  2. Same. I've tried to donate too and never gotten in.
  3. DITTO. Happy to donate to help get better servers. If you need a predictable donation stream to make a budget, we may be able to set up recurring donations through paypal? IDK.
  4. I tried Freakshow Wars. I don't know how people would do it in under at least 1.5 hours. - At least 4 maps with "kill all" and enemies that rez themselves and run oft - 1 HUGE map with "find these 2 people" on it Took me more like 2.5 hours. I have gotten merits from collecting exploration badges, that seems like a quick and easy way to get many with some fast travel powers. Also, giant monsters and event AVs often give a solid block of them
  5. You folks are awesome! Thanks for this. Folding on my gaming PC, looking into getting the client up and running on a Linux box...cause I have 3 of those in the hisouse.... I work in healthcare. Hard not to weep watching my coworkers who are more front-line than I am. Thanks for a sense of control...however small. In this air of global-cultural grief, every ounce of influence for better we can feel sounts. And a badass science-distributed-computer-network-ima-post-on-fb one. Go COVIDCOHHFT! (COVID City of Heroes Homecoming Folding Team!) Seriously tho, y'all rock.
  6. Thank you for all your hard work on this. Thanks for the fixes.
  7. If nobody is there to see any pineapple on the pizza...is pineapple still on the pizza? ...or... Lord if there are 50 good pineapple on that pizza, will you still eat the pizza? How about 45 good pineapple?...10 good pineapple? Lord, for the sake of 1 good pineapple will you still eat the pizza? (Gen 18:16-33)
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