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Been trying to dig up information on EM/Invuln Brutes but the lack of topic discussions with those three words in the same sentence hasn't yielded any results. I've found pages on them individually, sure but that doesn't really help since the information is so vague. I've tried general build advice but I feel like it's more or less the same thing I would have done just speccing on my own. Having the resources to make the build isn't an issue.. but it's hard to decorate a house when it's got no foundation.


What are my strengths? What do I prioritize? 


I don't need the build to be top-tier or anything of the like, but I would like to be able to properly defend myself in most situations be in Zone or Arena. Game allows 3 different builds, I can spec for both if that's what it comes down to.

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It has been MANY years, and many updates, since I ventured into PVP with my Inv/EM tank. At that time, it had no problem with survivability, and it was the STUN component that was ultimately the most valuable dealing with pests in PVP zones. It's not really like the Tank could do enough DPS to 'win' at PVP. There are a few slotting and pool choices that would probably make sense for a PvP-focused EM/Inv Brute that are sub-optimal for PvE play. I'm just guessing: make sure toggles never fall, increase perception/ToHit, if Stuns are a still a thing, lean into those, Dull Pain should be perma, multiple Power Transfer (because of base HP), etc.


I'm not a Brute player, so I have no idea how Fury factors into PVP. I have a vague recollection that there was a time when EM Stalkers we considered to be a top-tier choice for PVP offense.


If it is just worrying about surviving in a PVP zone, I would be surprised if ANY Brute or Tanker had issues in 1-on-1.

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