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Build Switching idea (impractical)

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This is mostly me killing time between tasks at work and this absolutely wouldn't work for every character. I think I may have posted something like this idea somewhere else, not sure. Anyway, approaching alternate builds sort of like the way Jobs work in Final Fantasy games.


IE you can switch out your character Job between encounters/adventures but you have to level up each job independently. 


It feels totally impractical to do with the infrastructure of this game, hence why I marked it as impractical. It also would not fit a lot of concepts.


But like a single character with shape-shifting abilities... a gadgeteer with different gear loadouts... or other such things.


So, like have a fire-using character level up as a blaster, go back and level up as a tank also with fire type powers, etc. or maybe stay blaster but alter power sets.


As I said, I am fairly certain the infrastructure doesn't exist to do this in a single character slot. You CAN do something similar by taking multiple character slots, though then you have to adjust the character name here and there.



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You could do this if they added more power pools  and almost made tertiary set with just a large set of powers in them and just like other powers they increase in ability as you level so there is no level requirement for them. 


With this they would have to make power customizations as well.



Healing Drone is the name.. But it can look like a Tech item, A magical items, an elemental item, a small robot, small fairy,  

But you are looking for just one character to branch out.

The problem will be that you are still Baked into your Arch Type. Even if you had all Fire Tank powers you still wouldn't get the Tank inherit benefits. Taunt aura, hit points.. ETC..
Also they would probably have to stick to builds system they have now.  Which means you would need IO sets to make up the defenses and resistance numbers you need.


In many ways this is what Sentinels I believe where suppose to be like the tanker blaster ( Tankmage )

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