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Looking for a build- Street/SR


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I don't have a SR Scrapper, but I do have a SR Stalker.


My recommendations are:

  • Take every power from the secondary, except for T9 Elude.
  • Don't bother trying to fit Weave into the build. You will need Tough for some global mules. (You could use Rune of Protection I suppose, but my build couldn't fit the mule until level 49)
  • Slot the Kismet +Accuracy (really +ToHit) in your lowest level Auto power.
  • With Auto powers, don't be shy about slotting boosted (50+5) standard Defense pieces.

More controversy around:

  • Consider the Presence Pool to get Unrelenting. It works wonders on high DPS, Defense-based characters. (I also like the set bonuses from Mocking Beratement)

Note that if you have decent Recharge, both Rune of Protection and Unrelenting can do wonders for your build.

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My goals in general are

  • get to 47 to 48% defense all positions
  • 95% DDR
  • Net endurance recovery 2.5 end/sec
  • I favor maximizing my mitigation in terms of +max health, passive regeneration over high recharge.  Very few if anything can kill my Claws/SR so quickly I don't have time to adapt or adjust.  She has about 900 health beyond base.  

@Bill Z Bubbaposted his latest scrapper version not long ago.  Things an utter monster (and I would expect no less).  Find it for inspiration.

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