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Respec Secondaries?


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Ok, so. I'll preface all of this by saying I have absolutely no idea how this game is coded, BUT, I've kinda taken that into account with using bricks where a needle would do better..


Goal: Put secondary powers, and possibly primary powers into respec screeen without losing the foorls.


Tl/Dr version: Clone character(because safety) -> capture level -> splice in entire character creation menu -> auto skip tutorial mission -> auto open respec -> respec as normal


Coding Map:

User types /respec

   [ -> backup version of character stored

    -> Character level, origin, playstyle, archtype, primary power, body size, costume, power color, name, slotted powers are captured

   -> Character is "deleted"

    -> Player is "returned" to character selection screen]

 ->Creation menu auto opens

        [-> Menu auto chooses player's origin, playstyle, archtype, and primary powers and locks them

        -> Player chooses secondary

        -> Menu auto fills body size, costume, power colors, name, and skips tutorial mission]

 -> Character's slotted powers are placed in new character

 -> Player is auto leveled to captured level

 -> Player is forced into respec menu

 -> Respec plays out as normal with new secondary listed

-> If at any point Player changes mind and cancels respec, then delete new version, restore backup version



In theory, this should play out as if the character is brand new and some dev just wanted to jump to a certain level with specific slot items..I juuuust found the source code about half way through writing this so...maybe that'll change my suggestion but...also I'm lazy and idk if I'll take the time to try again lol


New code needed to write is in brackets, everything else should just be asking the game to do the things with some good old fashioned copy/paste

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tl;dr - change primary/secondary?  Cause I can read Phoenician, Hieroglyphics, Runes, Star Wars, Klingon, Hex Decimal, Fortran, Binary, Enigma code (all random "dialects"), and random cracks on the pavement which turn out to be a classical manuscript.  But I can't read what the suggestion.  

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The suggestion, if I'm reading it correctly, is a wordy and complex way of saying "I want to be able to change my character's power sets -- ideally both, but at least the secondary -- instead of having to reroll a new character with the new powerset(s) and have to spend time and inf leveling it and slotting it out."

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There is currently no way to do this.

And, from my understanding, because of how CoH does its integrity/bounds checking on a character, I don't believe it's possible.

With work, I could be proven wrong in the future.

Honestly though, with the modern game, it's simply easier to build an alt and level it.

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