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P2W Temp Power Catalogue


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45 minutes ago, Thrythlind said:

Is there a list of what's available anywhere? The wiki just says " variety of temporary attacks. Most of these are useful only for character concept" And it would be nice to have a list to look at specifically for concept planning.


They're all listed at the P2W vendor. What specifically are you looking for, like animations and stats on them?

@Aurora Girl - Excelsior - BSOD
 Aurora Girl  (Blaster)- Energy/Atomic, Queen of Faceplants and former Mayor of Pinnacle Server  Straye  (Brute)- Savage/SR, Survivor of +4 ITF Nictus Crystals and Bobcat's Bane  Aurora Snow  (Corruptor) - Ice/Cold, AV Humiliator  Terraflux  (Controller) - Earth/Rad, Bass Exploder  Spynerette  (Arachnos Soldier) - Night Widow, Super Spy of Sneakiness and Stabbing  Snowberrie  (Tank) - Ice/Spines, Disco Ball and Lady of Winter

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This is a good post is in the guide section.



Dazl - Excelsior Grav/Kinetic Controller (SG - Cosmic Council) | Dazl - Everlasting & Torchbearer Grav/Energy Dominator

Shadowspawn - Excelsior Dark/Dark Stalker | Pyro Kinetic -Everlasting Fire/Kinetic Corrupter | Nova Pyre - Everlasting Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster (OMG)

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