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Infilrate Cole's Tower Spawning at level 25


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This isn't really a bug.  Praetorian Police Department cap at level 25 I think, you otherwise won't encounter them after leaving Praetoria and this mission is the last mission you see them in, but the Clockwork in the basement should go to 50 (and Marauder at his minimum is 40).  The story arc from Vanessa is available at level 20 minimum if you stopped EXP (or skipped through all the missions) and did it without flashing back.  If you aren't boosting EXP and doing the First Ward story around level 20, you would be 25 or 26 for Vanessa'a arc.  It's really just a case of the assigned group not meeting the possible highest level of the mission, which can happen in some other instances.  It's like Positron Part 1 where one of the named CoT mages is a Madness Mage, but Madness Mages stop at level 15 so he'a a level lower than your level 16 team, and surrounded by level 16 followers, likely including a Ruin Mage.


Interestingly enough, I recall Dominatrix in this mission also caps out a few levels lower than your highest possible, despite being a major Praetorian arch-villain.  That was likely done on purpose so it wouldn't be impossible to beat her up though.


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