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Soul Taker badge


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I've been having a marvelous time redside working down the list of villain Accomplishment badges.  Everything was going wonderfully well . . . until I got to the Soul Taker badge.  The mission for it, Offer soul of Akarist mission from Archmage Tarixus is not available.  It's there, just not available.


When I click on it via the Pillar (from both my sg base and Ouro), the mission text is there, but there is no way to select the mission (at the bottom).  There is no bottom part for mission selection.  The same goes for the other Tarixus mission ("Capture soul of Akarist"). 


Quite apart from being unable to get this badge, I also will have two missions that I can't complete and that will stay uncompleted.  This is going to drive me crazy (my OCD requires all missions to be "marked" as completed).  Heh.


Am I doing something wrong?  Did I miss something new that has removed the mission availability but for some reason kept the mission without a way to select it (that seems weird)?  As I said, I've been chugging along merrily until this point, so I'm not sure what is going on.  I definitely haz a sad.

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