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  1. Aha. You were the one I was competing against for those recipes. Should have known...
  2. I keep my drops and craft since I am usually PL'ing some character that I want a 50 on, but don't want the grind to get there. Salvage in my base is alphabetical. It takes me about 45 minutes to craft, convert and post around 80'ish recipes. You can skip ahead a bit using tickets and roll in the 25-29 brass range to get recipes that convert fairly well to good sellers, IIRC. That is what I used to do on live.
  3. <shock> We would never. Wait, yes we would. NM. Carry on.
  4. I'll set an alarm. Hopefully I will hear it and log in.
  5. I usually triple box farm. I can say anecdotally that it seems pretty random which of the three characters gets hosed over for drops. It is always one of the three. Once in a while it is two of the three, The difference is quite stark. I'll have 30 recipes on one and 3 on the other all told. Eventually if I do enough runs it will even out. It is fairly strange that the RNG seems to exclude some characters for several runs then for whatever reason it will seem to even out in later runs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I need these to. If I can remember to log in at time. Weeknights are hard for me to remember things are going on.
  7. A few guides that might help you out. Listed in no particular order.
  8. You'll never hurt my feelings by suggesting that something could be done better. Even though I have done most of everything in game, I don't always know the absolute best way to do everything. I welcome anyone that can help out when I am leading. Sometimes I forget that everyone is not on the same page I am. The fastest way to grow old is to stop learning.
  9. OMG, yes. That drop down is completely annoying and next to useless.
  10. All doggo's are most excellent adorable pups. I am so sorry for your loss. I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to my current doggo.
  11. Most folks don't list at the exact price. For example if the last 5 shows 16m, 15m, 17m, 17m, 16m. You don't list at 17m if you want to sell. You list less than that. 16.5m, 16.1m, etc. Even then you are at the mercy of those that buy for 16m. So perhaps you should list at 15.5m, 15.1m, etc. If you list at the buy price you are going to get undercut pretty much every time.
  12. I keep a watch on the sold window and hit the Get Inf button when the count gets around 22. Slows down the posting, but keeps me from waiting.
  13. Not sure if they changed point values or moonshots are working correctly for AMD now, but I just hit two record days this weekend.
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