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  1. They always want Hockey Stick growth: Even though they are darn well aware that the growth will always be: Same can be said for reducing expenses.
  2. This is awesome. If you need computing power to get this done in a reasonable time I would be happy to help out.
  3. Truth. Once you start working with large sums you kind of get over the "ZOMG soo much moneys" aspect. Once I started managing products worth millions of dollars a year it got passe really quick. "It's just money. Either I have it or I don't." Life is full of ups and downs. I've been in both categories many times during my life. I much prefer having money, but when I don't I know that all I have to do is work hard for a while and I can be back in the better category.
  4. This is why it trickles. You have to price at least slightly cheaper than it sells for to move stuff at a decent clip. While I won't tell you how much I undercut, it is enough that most everything still sells for average price and not so much that I lose much influence if it doesn't. I try to keep the price where it is and if you undercut properly, you can't tell because most people are "Buy it Nao!" Trial and error will get you to that sweet spot.
  5. Easy solution to this non-issue. They get sent out one day only. You don't have an account on that day, you don't get the free pack. Don't announce it in advance, just do it. There will probably be a minor uproar about not announcing it from those that wanted to abuse it, but that is the way to keep it fair and easy.
  6. Taking a stab at this since I have nearly the same laptop, it's probably heat or power settings. The 2060 runs hot anyway and in a laptop it runs even hotter. Heat would be my first guess since Ultra settings really beat on a graphics card. Power settings are also a possibility, laptops are notorious for setting the power saving in really stupid ways when plugged into an outlet. Usually the very first thing I do when I get a new laptop is go into the power control for the wall power setting and set everything to take full advantage of speed; CPU min/max 100%, USB suspend to off, etc. Battery power I usually leave as-is.
  7. I'm still being the pessimist, not being convinced that they will go on sale this year. I mean I'll be happy if they do since I missed out last year, but it just doesn't seem likely. Although I see that Jimmy liked your post while I was typing this so I am probably wrong.
  8. Maybe we will be delightfully surprised. But iff'n I was a bettin man I would be bettin on that was a one time thing.
  9. I know there is a bug where if you zone with the Decoys out they will either reduce down to a single Decoy or once in a great while disappear altogether. I have never seen them just up and disappear, although if the Phantasm is off fighting somewhere else the Decoys can run to him and seem like they have disappeared. If you don't have it turned on, it might be worthwhile to turn on the Pet window from the top of the Team Window tab.
  10. I have requested this repeatedly. Little shadow man is too squishy and has too long of a cooldown to try to be a tank in every fight.
  11. Yay! Fish puns! Welcome back! Some of us are on Excelsior, some are on Torchbearer. Excelsior has a higher overall population, Torchbearer is second in size.
  12. AE only gives credit for AE badges. All others must be earned outside of AE.
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