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  1. As a FYI, the last patches seem to have solved all of the errors I was getting. It's plugging along quite well now.
  2. Probably need to delete the "playerslot.txt" file in the accounts folder. Sometimes it gets out of sync with the server and causes some odd behavior.
  3. They hold data for Mids Reborn Hero Planner. If you have the app they will let you plan/modify and build your powersets offline so that you can more effectively do a respec or level up the way you want. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/76-mids-reborn-hero-designer/
  4. Ok, had one just hang up again. No indication of where it is happening except that the output directory has about half of the files that it should have. I guess it could still be processing, but taking nearly 20 hours on my system would be a really, really long stretch. Last file was written at 11:35, same as still working timestamp below. Task Mugger shows that the CPU is still being actively utilized by the process and memory utilization is changing. I'll let it stay active in case it is just a really difficult file, but I wanted to let you know since it doesn't feel right.
  5. Had a few instances just stop processing. Looks like they were probably ready to zip and send, but they are just hung. Going to enable verbose to see if it shows where the stoppage is occurring. Also: There was an error in the application. Please copy and paste the following text in a message to the program author: System.Exception: Error while processing file 'boards.cityofheroes.com-threads-range-18614-20120905-002240.warc' ---> System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server at System.Net.FtpWebRequest.GetResponse() at COH_WARC_Processor.FTP
  6. Cranking along with 8 instances; 50-80% CPU usage. We'll have this knocked out in no time.
  7. Ura Hero


    In my experience running forums for other sites, it's more like 5% of the actual users use the forums. About 0.5 to 1% are the vocal minority who scream and yell about things. The majority are happy with the status quo. Unfortunately a lot of folks listen to the vocal minority and make changes that affect the folks who were happy, thus making them now unhappy. My current job had this mentality until recently. The managers tended to listen to the folks who called in to complain instead of actually using raw data to make assessments. I ran some data a while back to show the per
  8. Is your new computer using Wifi or a hardwired connection?
  9. One other possibility here is that sometimes the market is a bit slow to respond to bids. If you get impatient and cancel and relist you go to the back of the bid line and you have to wait for the server to get to you, so you get impatient and rebid higher. Rinse, repeat, you are now bidding way over what the going rate is. Patience is a virtue.
  10. Had a great time with you on the Beam/Will Sent Posi run. That team rocked.
  11. Only one I have ran across so far.
  12. /macro OSPk "salvage_open S_HVSuperPackSalvage$$salvage_open S_RVSuperPackSalvage$$salvage_open S_WinterPackSalvage"
  13. Welcome home! I remember you.
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