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  1. You missed the sarcasm. I didn't see it that way at all. GM's are players too after all. Heck, any one of us could be a GM and no one would ever know. Why should they be held to a different standard than we are? There are some pretty strict rules for GM's from what I understand from reading the post that was recently made asking for help. I really don't think this was done on a GM account even though it was posted on a GM account. Even if it were, trying to keep what happened on Live from happening here, IMHO is a good thing. I really don't want to spend a half million on a Luck Charm again. The way I see it, a GM was telling something funny and it unfortunately ended up being misinterpreted. I hope this doesn't deter them from interacting with the player base. I rather enjoy it when they do.
  2. Setting your monitor to a warmer color scheme helps a lot. I used to have eye strain every day even with blue block in my lenses. I set my monitors to a warmer tone and things improved quite a bit.
  3. He said he was fixing the incorrect display price on all the items. I'm sure that is what I read. I did something similar in WoW a long, long time ago. I was price fixing a commodity that someone was trying to force out all the players by undercutting. I had millions and millions of gold so I just bought up everything they put on sale. Worked great for a while. I forced them to move to greener pastures and enjoyed selling the thousands of items they had created at what was a normal price on the other servers, but still a significant markup to what I had bought them at. The bad part was I still had in hundreds of crazy lowball bids that I forgot to cancel. Some schmuck came in and did to me what I did to the other guy. I didn't mid too bad, I had more than tripled my initial stake so although I took a pounding, I still ended up way ahead.
  4. Make sure all your drivers are up to date. Nvidia GeForece Now for graphics, Asus Armory Crate is the usual method for the laptop chipset, but be sure to also check your Windows Updates to see if you are missing anything there; Settings -> Updates & Security -> Check for Updates.
  5. I've seen tat happen on a Task force back on Live. Quite frustrating, but as you discovered it seems to fix itself after some time.
  6. AFK farming is using one of the maps that has roaming spawns such as Briggs Comic Con fire farm on the asteroid. Go stand in the middle of the map with burn on auto, Come back in about 5 minutes and switch to the next map.
  7. I just did this and had no issues. I let all the dialogs complete before moving on though. Some of the talk scenes seem to be tied to things that happen later, so if there is a badge involved I always let them babble until the end.
  8. I've never had an issue using it, but I defer to your knowledge. You do this a lot more than I do.
  9. For those who want to know the merits and number of missions:
  10. Only heathens put sugar in cornbread. 🙂 But this is the one I use as well without the sugar.
  11. You can import from a chat log. 1. Get badges2500.txt from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~damerell/games/badges2500.txt 2. /bindloadfile "badges2500.txt" 3. Exit game 4. Click "Log Parser" On the Character screen. 5. Find your latest log file, C:\Games\Homecoming\accounts\"Your User Name"\logs is the default location with the new launcher 6. Click submit Occasionally it will not import. The solution is to add one badge that you know you have for the character then do the Log Parser.
  12. Malwarebytes has always reported it as malicious. It's not.
  13. You can't use two attack powers in a macro. Only one will ever fire. What you can do is this: blizzard-sleet1.txt 0 "powexec_location target Blizzard$$bindloadfile blizzard-sleet2.txt" blizzard-sleet2.txt 0 "powexec_location target Sleet$$bindloadfile blizzard-sleet1.txt" This makes it when you press "0" it fires off Blizzard and then loads a new power into the "0" location, Sleet. When pressed a second time it then fires Sleet and reloads the first file. It will toggle back and forth between the two files every time "0" is pressed. Hope this helps.
  14. You can find Maelstrom in: Heroes find him in: Destroy the Bomb Triggers Alignment Missions Recruitment Flyer Alignment Mission as an enemy (Heroes and Vigilantes) Praetorians find him in: Even the Odds from Calvin Scott Project Olympian from Aaron Walker.
  15. There were two missions from Max that I had to do via Ouro to finish this badge. Took me a while to figure out what I was missing.
  16. Very enjoyable read. I love it when folks post stuff like this. It has started making me think about how I approach my alts. Thanks Yomo for taking time to write this!
  17. Yep, this was reported quite a while ago. Dual monitors break the gamma settings. Be nice if it was fixed so everything wouldn't be so dark that I can't see.
  18. Tried that. Took the difficulty to -1/1 just by myself. Still died every time I tried it. Going to make getting the Patron arc badges difficult, which is where I am right at the moment.
  19. Running this mission through Ouro. Longbow killed the operatives before they could be rescued. Is this a bug @Piecemeal? Edit: This definitely seems bugged or at least not tuned right. I can't get to the second Operative before Longbow kills them. Four times running at different difficulty and no success. Mission will not complete due to the second operative being killed before I can reach them.
  20. Me too. I'm up almost to 1400, but most of the rest are going to take teaming. Not a problem, just need to be able to stay awake past 9pm which is the new 2am for me.
  21. AE Dev's Choice, [email protected] and Weekly Discussion (Forum & Discord Editions) Both the AE Dev's Choice and Weekly Discussions will temporarily be suspended to allow our team some extra free time to recharge, give the devs time to catch up on all the feedback, and to re-vamp how we handle the discussions and the AE Choice prizes! We will update you about this again soon. The prizes for [email protected] will temporarily be suspended, but that doesn't mean you can't still help! Join the team and find out more info here.
  22. I teamed a few times with her. Always a delight to have on a team. I knew I hadn't seen her in game in a while. My condolences to her family and friends.
  23. I intensely dislike the Shadow Shard in it's entirety. I avoid the Task Forces there like the plague. Only time I am even tempted is when they are the Bonus Merit TF's and even then I look for a speed run. For "normal" Task Forces, Synapse, Citadel and Numina are the ones that are just too long. Each of these could be shortened by a lot and still retain the flavor. Too many kill alls, street hunts, etc. Just not fun to spend over an hour slogging through content with no real story to be told.
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