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Heavy Weapons powerset


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Heavy Weapons is the ranged equivalent of Titan Weapons.  Same mechanic?   Lots of status stuff.  Applicable to whichever ATs can use assault rifle.  Guessing s/l and fire damage.  Suggest using existing heavy weapon models, such as resistance cannon or council miniguns.  Most of these powers are modification of powers already in game, so not a lot of work to get this happening.


Absolutely a work in progress, let's see some feedback!


Burst / lvl 1 / Moderate DoT, -foe defense, stun / fast recharge
You fire a short burst from your Assault Cannon, disorienting your foe and reducing his defense.


Blast / lvl 1 / Moderate dam, +kd, +self acc - fast recharge
You fire a single ranging shot, improving your accuracy slightly and possibly knocking your foe down.


Long Burst / lvl 2 / High dmg cone / -foe def, stun / moderate rec
A long burst of automatic fire hits multiple targets, rattles them, and leaves them vulnerable.


Heavy Blast / lvl 6 / High damage AoE (15') / -foe def, kd / moderate rec
You launch an explosive shell, knocking down several foes and lowering their defense.


Smoke Discharge / lvl 8 / location, large(30') AoE blind / moderate rec
You fire a smoke canister from your Assault Cannon, blinding opponents over a wide area.


Precision Targeting / lvl 12 / single foe large -def, large -res / long rec
Feedback device in your Assault Cannon determines just where a foe is weakest, for a good while (30 sec)


Missile Salvo / lvl 18 / large location AoE (20') extreme dmg / stun, KD / slow rec
You launch a sheaf of Swarmer missiles from your Assault Cannon, blasting down foes over a large area.

(yeah, it's that annoying IDF Heavy Commander attack)


Assault Shield / lvl 26 / self large +def +res +absorb
(30 sec) / slow rec
Triggering your Assault Cannon's defensive mode, you encase yourself in a shield that stops most damage.


Orbital Strike
(similar to SoA Crab Beacon, but with real damage.  Fears targets instead of taunt)
You drop a beacon for an orbital strike, freezing your foes in terror and devastating a wide area.


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