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  1. So i had actually stepped away from this game for over a year before i picked it back up recently. Some of these changes over the time gone were exciting to see. I suppose I should have read up on the old topics debating energy melee changes first... before suggesting even more controversial sweeping changes. the idea of a 'combo' system in any form seems to be a hard line that people are generally unhappy with... among other adamant opinions... My personal look at the 'revised' powerset is that it appears under-cooked -- or just dipped the toes in the water. The biggest red he
  2. Yes, i proposed changes to (mostly) everything to make Energy Focus feel like it was a _powerset_ interaction, not just a situational Energy Transfer DPA modifier... and i think i explained that much. i was looking to give each attack a unique identity when using Energy Focus with it. Perhaps a point that seems to have been misunderstood here by both folks that have replied so far. All of the suggestions are only intended to be buffs when consuming a stack of Energy Focus. And hopefully a modified build-up would allow flexibility to do something with Energy Focus aside from modify Energy T
  3. ive seen people tend to avoid musculature for brutes across the board... under the guise of how brutes work generally (low base damage, fury bonus, etc). guess im not sure about that one. figured the recharge wouldnt damage any procs i care about too much anyways... and i think the +healing is better than +defense from agility, for /rad.
  4. appreciate the advice! one thing i noticed sniffing around the numbers... ball lighting actually has a magnitude 4 taunt on it and hits 16 targets.... i may pick that up instead of taunt even if i dont slot it out. obviously duration and recharge are different, but i think it will be perfectly manageable.
  5. Hi all, ive tried re-working my Energy/Rad build a few times, but im still not really happy with it. main goals for the build: fluid single target attack chain 45% melee defense as close to 85% resists (especially S/L) all around... psionic/cold is just unrealistic however. build up/ground zero combo closely aligned CD 'serviceable' AoE -- heavily eyeballing Ball Lightning here but thats 5 more slots i dont have room for... and some questions specifically for people have played /Rad and done any of the science behind slotting some of thes
  6. Hi all, i want to preface that i fully understand that the energy melee powerset new Energy Focus passive does not 'need' a unique interaction with every single ability. Further, i understand scrappers and stalkers have the possibility of grabbing the double focus from a 'crit' and some folks might enjoy being able to still press specific buttons and 'store' that extra charge for a 2nd energy transfer... finally, the powerset is in a very strong spot now for single target. that said it seems like a lost opportunity to implement Energy Focus only half-way. my goal would be to mak
  7. even if i discount the scrapper +50 crit proc ATO (which i will get to), between the inherent and the the other passive crit ATO, you have a 16% chance to crit anything above minion level. roughly 1/6 attacks. i cannot possibly believe you do not get crits throughout a mission unless you are just watching your teammates do everything and literally not pressing any buttons. **something to keep in mind because you mentioned you play energy melee... total focus and energy transfer CANNOT crit for bonus damage (they have other effects if they do 'crit')** as for the +50 c
  8. titan weapons is indeed end hungry, but that is mostly a consequence of how fast the animations are during momentum. you get to fire off a TON of abilities constantly. BUT if you were willing to power through it all... just about any build can solve end problems with ageless anyways... so i wouldnt base your secondary solely on that aspect. if you are just looking for a solid defensive secondary there are plenty of options (/energy, /nin, and /sr are reasonably easy to work with). if you are looking for something to enhance your offense i dont think you need to look any further
  9. im not sure what the exact value of the 'very high chance' crit is but just consider it a neat mechanic while leveling that will otherwise be forgotten about at some point. there is not often a good reason to wait around 8 seconds between packs of enemies especially given the power of the scrapper +50% crit chance ATO. on the off chance critters are far apart you get a free crit. its nothing to really plan around. as others have stated, yes it works for AoE, single target... and also power/epic/patron pools... notably snipes and blaster AoEs.
  10. not a stab at you personally but i find it amusing that you are one of the few people to ADMIT this. everyone else hating on this topic probably has the same opinion here and doesnt want to acknowledge it. IF the team did end up buffing hidden strikes and placate to the point where it was 'mathematically superior', you would not want to continue your current stalker playstyle even if the (potential) changes fundamentally did not alter your current stalker playstyle. i made very vague/broad suggestions early into the topic but it doesnt need to be that hidden strike just does 'mor
  11. yes, you are on the right mark for efficiency of maximizing damage output. not sure how often AAO updates but i usually have all 3 positional defenses and damage bonus monitor'd on all my characters... sometimes the damage bonus would not tick up for a few seconds. im guessing the game engine just runs an area check every 2 seconds or so. lighting rod and shield charge use pseudo pets, so they dont actually break hide.. they do not benefit from the crit chance either though. so this is not some amazingly busted interaction... in fact i would argue that if it DID use your hide an
  12. looks like you forgot about gladiator 3% defense IO (resist set). regarding force feedback recharge IO... i dont know how good it is on shield charge because of the (relatively) longer cooldown. i would say i have INCREDIBLE gains on it with my titan weapons scrapper because i can spam whirling smash every 2-3 seconds and it will have near 100% uptime in a pack of 4+ enemies. big thing to keep in mind there is that it only needs to proc on a single enemy to buff you. while it wouldnt see as much value as i just described in your build, it might still be valuable enough... i dont
  13. i would tend to doubt someone who flaunts an OP build, but shrouds the build in secrecy... apparently i would need to dig through your post history or find your secret hangout forum goings to learn how to properly win with stalkers. everybody likes to have a power fantasy of their favorite character being amazing but your accounts in the last bit are absolutely ridiculous. By level 12 you were at +2 carrying a team??? i dont care what AT and powersets you are playing. you have no powers of any significant value and no enhancements at level 12. How exactly could you possibly expect to carry
  14. damage is substantially lower but it is very good for teamplay (double leadership) and is reasonably durable. bane has a lot more AoE available than most stalker sets though.
  15. i suppose im surprised you were ultimately influenced to dump power crash. im not the biggest fan of cone attacks in this game but power crash is definitely solid as far as range and radius. i do wish the damage were a bit higher than whirling hands though... or maybe even just the total focus version was buffed by some percentage. i think a very obvious big question mark there is tactics. you could very easily slot kismet somewhere in your build for 6% to hit... instead of 8% hit with a constant endurance drain. i guess if you are getting it for perception/confuse/fear stuff t
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