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High Ping Questions


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Hi there, folks!


I know that my issue is most likely that I'm playing from Beijing, so my very high ping is likely because of that, but I'm holding out hope someone has a suggestion that may help. I have Astrill VPN, but I don't need it to connect out of Beijing. I read that the Excelsior server is located in Canada, though, so I tried to connect to Canada to see if that would improve things; it didn't. Actually, it made it worse.


I don't know if there are tunneling services, or things you technical folks may know to do that would/could improve my connection, but I'm willing to give it a shot.


Also, I'm *assuming* this is lag from ping, but I'm not 100% sure. I don't how how to see my ping in game. I only just started playing today, so maybe I just haven't seen/found the option. My graphics card rated as playing on ultra, so I'm guessing that's not the issue. I could run Amazon's New World on the highest setting with cap'd FPS with no issues. The West Coast server on there was only putting me at about 180ms (which is very manageable).


Thanks so much!

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Okay, I've asked around, and I may have to ask, did you try disconnecting - if you are having issues with your VPN's latency detection causing a slowdown. Reconnecting with change the servers it detects which should resolve this issue.


I also could suggest trying to manually set your Firewall to allow the launcher and the game - or resetting it (Block and then Allow). Not sure if these will help but it's worth a shot.


I'd like to credit @Seismic Storm and @JayLepus for the in-game replies. 

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I'm playing from Shanghai and also use Astrill VPN.


I haven't noticed a improvement in latency while using the VPN, and in fact have more often noticed a decrease. If you still want to experiment, I recommend testing the Speed Test option on the Astrill VPN desktop app. USA China Direct, Taiwan Supercharged, and Japan 2 have all worked fine for me.


I am currently playing on Excelsior. My ping ranges from about 280 to 500, but is usually in the low 300s. As long as it stays below ~400, the game is surprisingly playable without any hiccups (though I haven't tried PVP). I've done large group content many times without any trouble.

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