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  1. So Im not a storm expert and dont want to tell anyone else how they should play (fun fact 100% of those posting love the same game as you, surely that is a starting point for civil discourse). I much prefer KD to KB. And while KB to KD works for alot of powers, there are a rare few like the aforementioned hurricane that will still repel. Itd be nice to have an option for repel powers. Or stacked repel/KBs. Im thinking specifically of say grav/storm and singularity/hurricane. I know its been brought up in this thread already, but I would vote to keep it part of the discussion. Im not asking you to stop loving MONSTER KBs or the devs take the BIG AIR option out the game. Having this as some type of global or maybe incarnate would allow you to change up on the fly. Customize to your team or foes as you so choose. And allow me to tinker with my toon the way I want.
  2. Thanks for the thunderstrike advice. Ill see how many i can slot.
  3. Id really like kb to kd to work in hurricane. Or maybe its the repel? maybe we need a repel to kd enhancement as well?
  4. I really need help with a cheap build for this. No purples and all but the cheapest uniques (like LOTGs, health and stamina uniques might be all I can splurge on). very few if any set mules so I can learn the powers a bit while i figure out how i want to play it. Have very little experience with the sets and no money to burn. Id really like to use psi mastery for indom will, mind over body, psi tornado (fits storms powersets and theme) and maybe even world of confusion? .
  5. I had no idea VEATS had an inherent. And I mained a veat crab on homecomming return. That might say something. Swift and hurdle are far outclassed. Swift doesnt give much return on investment in slotting/the initial boost seems low. And hurdle is guilty of the same and has no jump increase. A little boost here would hardly be game breaking. Theres an overall cap on movement speeds anyways who cares how you get close to it.
  6. I found changing dark servent to summon on me. example powexec_location me Tar Patch summons tar patch on me and i dont have two clicks per summon. I do it for summons to, powexec_location me Banished Pantheon Radial Superior Ally I like your suggestion but barring that, making summoning easier is best solution.
  7. Rumor has it Grav/Psi is a strong PvP combo for zone and arena 8v8. Just remember hearing it on discord and decided one day id try it.
  8. I was thinking more like Taunt has massive duration increase. and maybe a recharge increase. But I agree it needs some love.
  9. So i get it devs want us to build characters on everlasting or reunion. but the bigger question is, are our characters gone on the other servers. Are the other servers permanently gone. I am frEAKING OUT OVER HERE!!!!!! kidding
  10. Got it, crashing is a hard no. damn base raids were such a good idea. thanks for the replies.
  11. Yeah fair enough. Certainly wouldnt want to ruin others fun. What happens if you leave as is and allow base raiding. Being my build experience is minor, I do understand what each of those "kiss goodbye options". But what I dont understand is why base raids wouldnt work as is. So what a turret cant be touched. Itd be hard and tahts kinda the fun of it. Also if anyone else wanted to do it, there would have to be some kind of honor system when it comes to game breaking bugs. That might be better than having a game feature sidelined forever.
  12. Now that bases are free to make and fix after mass destruction. I would love to see this reinstated. You could make a base raid only base. Despite the bugs, I have fond memories of the villain SG I was in facing off against a seriously powered hero SG. And thats when prestige meant something. Just a thought. Apologies if this is an oft mentioned topic that causes flame wars. I would think if its not your cup of tea, you dont have to risk your base.
  13. Ok so I cant get this working. Only for team_select 1. If i do 2, 3 , 6 , 7 nothing. Nor if i dont enter a number. /macro TM1 "team_select 1 $$ powexec_location 0:5 Recall Friend" This is how I imagine it. Id like to setup my team 1-8 to say f1-f8. So if someone is in trouble i can bring em home to safety. But again I still need to workout selecting specific teamates. Update I think i got it working. is it possible to skip mm pets and only go for players?
  14. just finished testing team tp on beta server. powexec_location 0:50 "team teleport" works like a dream. As did 90, 180 and 270. thanks for the help everyone. Cant decide how im gonna keybind it yet. but I think the concept will work well.
  15. Min is 0, any idea what max is? Or whats highest youve tried. Thanks so much for this. I hope I can use binds and macros to make TP ok in outside or large maps. and Ill use ninja run for the rest.
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