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  1. Wait homecomming changed its policy on video and streaming?
  2. So i take taunt on almost all my brutes (except farmers). Its not required but i rarely regret it. Its a ranged "attack" that will build fury (not only as an attack but the returning fire). I use it as an opener. Or if we draw another mob,etc. Teamates steal fury and agro, which can cause less fury. Taunt em back. As mentioned small io investment in cost and slots gives nice roi. Was useful in pvp. Now its just op. Sometimes you are asked to tank. And until tank aoe buff imho brutes were better at tanking.
  3. This is really an mms problem in pve and pvp. Hard to keep up when your pets are half a map behind herping and derping. Travel power changes dont help this.
  4. Doesnt singularity have repel? Like hurricane kb to kd doesnt help.
  5. This is very well spoken. I hope it doesnt get lost in crossfire. Good defense of current rop, good idea for backup plan if it must be nerfed. And lastly why again is it being nerfed. I see some players arguing. But no developer input.
  6. My feedback Is the proposed change to rop is a bad idea. Takes some fun out of the game for many players. And makes little sense when compared to the strength of some pool powers like hasten. Clearly some players are confused about why the change. They are asking questions and looking for answers. I think the devs should see some dont like this change and why.
  7. Obviously there is a middle ground that doesnt require one small leap to lead to such extremes. Its silly to suggest because I think something would be fun or good for the game... Then clearly I want everything else you listed. Or that because power pools get opened up, then everything else you listed will happen. In fact its very unlikely any of what you suggest would happen even if this thread were to get implemented. Chill man. Its a conversation. Im not mad you dont like the ideas, dont be mad I do like em.
  8. Im saying that cat is so far out of the bag, that this change makes very little to no difference in total power. If the focus was balance and nerfs the focus should be on other areas. I dont feel adding one more long recharge power to a build would be the change that makes toons dangerously overpowered. I do feel it would add more variety to builds.
  9. Dangerously overpowered? I dont see that at all. And honestly with P2W, Incarnates, base powers, accolades and some powersets being much strong than others already. Arent we already dangerously overpowered. Add that to long recharges on most of these powers, and moar choices usually being a good thing.... Also you cant just hoard the most usefull powers, as most of the strongest (except maybe hasten) pool powers come with a large investment (of much weaker powers) in each pool. As for origin argument. I can take mystic flight on natural toons... Origin long ago lost its val
  10. Did i miss it or did team tp get shafted again? Looks like no improvements in two rounds of reworks to the pool. I use this on all my MMs. Yall really need to look at making pets part of tp. Pets are my character and powers.
  11. It was a joke good sir. You have been trolled! Was trying to lighten up the thread a bit. If you want my real opinion, the changes look good. Someone else mentioned it will help with mobility (move to new location and resummon). That I actually kinda disagree with. Mobility is a big problem with MMs, keeping up with teams moving around, especially an outdoor map or zone... More than auto upgrades Id like to see movement assistance. I can loose body guard even with just sprint and ninja run.
  12. Best idea in this thread so far. I think we can all agree that mashing buttons is boring. So how do we move perma build up or aim forward? Maybe even add perma bu and aim to all archtypes?
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