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  1. Right after post by gm asking to knock off name calling. I for one applaud the AI. Never complains on the forums about how op the players are.
  2. And this is the problem. You can get by on elec or other resistance only sets. But i would think its unplayable on any sets that need defense to survive. Thats alot of horrible combos with a death sentance every couple minutes. To those who disagree go build an ice/ss. Come back and report.
  3. I didnt see mention of taunt or provoke. Both powers banned in arena. Anychance those get tweaked. Seems a pretty broken power that consistently gets banned in arena. It would be nice to play a brute or tanker.
  4. Sure but example my keybinds got all messed up and I didnt notice it. I then spent a good part of a BAF Tping half the league all around the tennis courts. Thats alot of people (20-40 players?) to force my travel power choice upon. /league HELLO ALL PLEASE ENABLE TP PROMPT SO YOU CAN CANCEL EVERYTIME I MOVE! KTHNXBYE
  5. I agree fold space will be nice addition no arguments here on that. but bg mode they just dont keep up. even my demons with some decent jump inherent, then accelerate metabolism on top etc. At least in my experience.
  6. So ive been keeping an eye on this thread and posted a couple times. Looked at the latest patch notes. And while I never expect changes that I think would be best, Im still disappointed there is no love for MMs in regards to teleport. 1. Team teleport or teleport or even combat TP isnt enough if Im leaving my pets behind. MMs get the shaft when it comes to mobility. We really need a TP option that keeps our pets with us (and perhaps not TPing the whole team or league when you do it, ie maybe just pets). 2. That and that damn animation/hang time/hoover effect rooting me in place between TPs. People say what it lacks indoors it makes up for outdoors.... And yet people keep up with me frequently because of this. All the changes look really neat, and i love the attention the devs are giving the power. However, I really thought this would be obvious and something MM players would get behind... Maybe Im way off base. But TP seems to be the best and worst travel power for MMs. So close and yet so far from what would make us more team friendly.
  7. The first time i came back i leveled a toon to 50 the hard way. Got accolades. Then saw how much time it would take to io out and incarnate. Total time maybe 3 months. Left. Next time i made a fire farmer. Iod, incarnate accoladed. Pld a few toons. Made a couple more accounts. Dipped back into pvp. Did some end game. Made a bunch of alts. Farmed a ton. Im logging on less and less but we are talking a year of regular playtime. Farming is boring but regular content wont fuel my alts.
  8. I agree thats a big problem. Even more so in PvP where any travel power can keep up with a teleporting mastermind. Combine that with the fact youve left most of your pets half a map behind and are out of bg mode....
  9. This is why I like having PvE mobs in the zones (so definitely dont want them removed). I like having something to do in a sometimes empty zone. I also like fighting for the objective in RV like you mention.
  10. I cant possibly pat myself on the back with my T rex arms and fingers (another reason I dont like nerfs its hard enough for me to use a keyboard with my curled up talons for fingers). Good try though. And maybe next time dont shame people with short arms and disfigured fingers.
  11. I take TP power pool for travel mostly on my MMs. However what I find is the new changes dont help MMs much. I need team TP to keep pets nearbye. But team TP also takes whole teams or even large portions of leagues. its a mess. Also if you are trying to TP around a zone with your pets, they dont keep up. Even with team TP that lag before you TP and the lag after arrival (where pets eventually drop before you can TP again). Its simultaneously the best and worst option for MMs. Maybe make combat TP include pets. Its very hard to reposition yourself and pets as an MM. Its very hard to keep up with a team during missions and TFs. TP improvements should make this better or its not an improvement in my mind.
  12. Looks good. A few critiques that im sure someone else mentioned and i just overlooked while reading about the new launcher (i spent at least 1.5 minutes reviewing all threads and posts). One it installed on my c drive despite pointing towards my gamz drive on D. So i have game files on D, and some stuff on C? Id really prefer as little as possible on my small SSD OS drive. Maybe I did something wrong during install? Also vidiot maps didnt port over. Id rather not be bothered to look into what files go where. Maybe yall could automate that in future releases? Otherwise neat.
  13. I didnt read all the quotes of my post. Mostly cause it was an early morning one and Im a bit embarrassed about how it came out. Again I meant no disrespect to anyone. And I didnt make much use of the merit exploit, despite knowing of it for at least 6 months and having many friends who took advantage. Its not the speed. Its that I cant realize similar funds running varied and normal content in the same amount of time spent in an AE farm. I dont find playing the market enjoyable at all (especially since I regularly loose out no matter how long I sit on a bid or a sale). Nor crafting. I just want to play a toon on teams and missions and know Im not wasting time in regards to gearing up. And right now thats not the case in my opinion.
  14. Meant no disrespect. However this i totally disagree with. You just cant play the game and gear up a toon in what i consider a reasonable time. If that was true why so many fire farmers? Its not to get a toon to 50, its the lack of infamy and IO/market economics driving that. All purely my opinion.
  15. Id rather play the game. But to IO out many alts requires time spent doing unfun stuff. Unfortunately fire farming and playing the market are somehow ok but merit farming is out. Silly. Makes me wish id have abused the shit outta this exploit. But like all the other ways to fund a build it was a boring time sink. og devs made the same mistake imho. I want ios on all my toons and multiple builds as well. Farming and playing the market are one reason i keep logging on less and less. No offense but altism has a huge hold on me and it makes me sad ill never io oiut the way i want.
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