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  1. Ive been 3boxing alot as well. All bots this time. Dark, sonic and ff. Resistance and def are crazy with SOs only.
  2. So singularity and dark servent? Two pets? Two of the best pets outside of lore and mm's? Thats pretty neat and probably my next toon!
  3. Apparently there is an option built in already to turn volume to 0. It wouldnt be enough you could disable it?
  4. my bad voted and will express any further opinions there.
  5. Not sure if im saying this right. How hard would it be to add voiceover to cut scenes? Example it Might be neat for the baf cutscene. As for the voices. I could see the community submitting their own takes, and even threads where we could vote on what we like.
  6. Cov waa an incomplete game at release. Lower level cap, no hami-o for starters. Villain side were always second class citizens. It was alot harder than hero side (now not so much). Beyond that I suppose the asthetics. But tell me grandville processing and lord recluse speech on the monitors. One of the coolest things in game. Doc buzzsaw is a great arch. Im genuinely surprised this is a thing. I play both sides. And yeah i bet you could reward villain side to move encourage more play. Increase rewards across the board vill side, drop rate, merits, inf. So as to
  7. Enemies and missions too please (puzzles, something unique besides kill all or escort please). so 100% agree with this course.
  8. take two, all robot follower MMs are Therm and Ice. Lead MM is Trick Arrow... Never tried it looks fun.
  9. The triad died last night at level 19. Was pushing to hard on some +4s Tsoo and an ancestral spirit boss rocked my pets worlds. That said I only died since my HP went to 0 so I think thats more a bug than a failure of player or builds. Im gonna keep playing em.
  10. fix usually gets it. or maybe you are trying to load it onto the wrong body type/size?
  11. Same. Crazy how awesome i thought pong was. "Amazing im controlling the tv!". At least the graphics hold up 😀
  12. Veat inherent isnt great but it does provide end relief. To be fair i did my perma death runs 3 boxing (i have no friends lol). So veat with two rad MMs and double AM was slick). Mms take time. Gotta set up macros and keybinds to really shine imho. Lol and you shot down my 3 favorite sets. Demon bots and thugs are alot of fun. But once you find a set you like and configure it....
  13. Yeah i hadnt seen the no updating enhancements part of this. Or buying them from vendors. Ouch. Ive got a few toons making permadeath runs, no temps, no ae etc. But i dont think i could do that. That said i think my toons that went deep would be equally good at yours. I have had best success with MMs and VEATs.
  14. So am i wrong in that DOs at that level are better than IOs? Especially if you auto update the enhancement? I stopped using level 10 ios last perma death toon cause thats how it looked to me.
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