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Resolved My Intel Iris Stuttering


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After trying to play at frequent 5-20fps dips, especially in city areas, I googled.. a lot, as our integrated GPU seems to have a lot of issues running this game smoothly even on the lowest settings. I found that adding: ( -usetexenvcombine ) to the launch parameter has me able to run on pretty much ultra everything and maintain 100-120 fps.image.thumb.png.30a0907c4eb8cc8c6150c2771b55e452.png

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4 hours ago, Relvinian said:

curious to know how that effects it and what that setting does

it works wonders on intel integrated graphics including my i-5 7th gen intel 620

It basically uses a simpler rendering method and/or simpler textures.  Take a screenshot while in the mode and compare it to a regular one to see.  Things tend to look flatter and there's little to no reflections/metallic effects.  I have an old i5 laptop I bought used and refurbished, and use that setting on it because it only has Intel graphics...

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Hammyham, thank you so much for this thread. I just got a new baby laptop with Iris XE gfx, and as expected it ran CoH like crap even on lowest settings. I was despairing. Your tweak makes it playable so I don't have to sit at my desktop to farm. Cheers!

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