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Resolved My Intel Iris Stuttering


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After trying to play at frequent 5-20fps dips, especially in city areas, I googled.. a lot, as our integrated GPU seems to have a lot of issues running this game smoothly even on the lowest settings. I found that adding: ( -usetexenvcombine ) to the launch parameter has me able to run on pretty much ultra everything and maintain 100-120 fps.image.thumb.png.30a0907c4eb8cc8c6150c2771b55e452.png

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4 hours ago, Relvinian said:

curious to know how that effects it and what that setting does

it works wonders on intel integrated graphics including my i-5 7th gen intel 620

It basically uses a simpler rendering method and/or simpler textures.  Take a screenshot while in the mode and compare it to a regular one to see.  Things tend to look flatter and there's little to no reflections/metallic effects.  I have an old i5 laptop I bought used and refurbished, and use that setting on it because it only has Intel graphics...

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Hammyham, thank you so much for this thread. I just got a new baby laptop with Iris XE gfx, and as expected it ran CoH like crap even on lowest settings. I was despairing. Your tweak makes it playable so I don't have to sit at my desktop to farm. Cheers!

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Why this intel can run other games smoothly but not CoH LOL


1) CoX uses OpenGL and Direct X which most newer PCs can often have difficulty with.

2) CoX was designed for use on Desktops which typically had a discreet video card, instead of integrated graphics which are common today.

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If you're in a shopping mood, AMD Ryzen systems with integrated graphics play CoH far better in my experience over Intel HD/Iris if you have a choice between them.  Purely anecdotal, Intel fans feel free to interject with hardware suggestions that beat it.  I haven't tried Intel Xe myself (mainly in the sense I haven't gotten my hands on a device with it yet.)


Granted, if you want 120/144Hz refresh or 4K gaming, a dedicated graphics card is going to do this game far better justice.  Integrated graphics is still limited in that regard.  When it catches up to those goalposts, 8K 240Hz or some other "impossible without buckets of cash" hurdle today will be the new thing.



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