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  1. I see what you did. I don't think there is a firm blue print for Tri-Form. Prior to Incarnates, IOs, and the ability to +5 your enhancements, slotting was extremely tight (still a shuffle), but my Tri-Form is built to leave no form behind.
  2. I played Khelds from launch till sunset, but back then the KB just didnt seem to matter as much, think everyone looked at it as a form of control as the game was still a city of heroes and not a city of IO'd out Gods who frown on anything slowing their arrests. I don't hover blast often in Nova as I'm usually too busy buffing/AOEing/Eclipsing all in Melee range and don't care for my arrests to knock away from my pile of bodies. Since I do include AOEs in my mix, I include one slot for the KB/KD IO which cuts off a IO set.
  3. Honestly that seems like a painful way to go in. Inky and Orbiting are such throwaway powers. You're right though Perma Eclipse is the game changer and with some stupid recharge rates you can keep yourself double buffed. I agree you have to invest heavily and get a build that works well for you if you want that uber feeling.
  4. Don’t think you have to sacrifice, but it’s going to be a costly build along with incarnates. I might be able to hit 4 solo with enough chance of recharge procs.
  5. They were level 50s and flopping like level 1s.
  6. So just got my INV/SS T4 Musculature Radial Paragon and now every time I use Foot Stomp or Haymaker critters are knocked way back vice knocked down as they do with it unslotted. Never had to put a KB to KD IO in Foot Stomp before. Edit: So by unequipping and equipping it again fixed the issue.
  7. Tanks would herd Perez Park and you'd see what looked like hundreds of Skulls and Hellions charging down the street.
  8. I'm just curious if anyone has any information on what changes/additions are being looked at currently? I know i27 had a slew of changes, but I'm sure there are some issues that required further study.
  9. I got my WS to softcap fire on his alternate build. Able to fire farm +4/8 with ease. My main is 37 S/L. Both builds are Tri. The WInter IOs can get you to Fire Softcap easily, but costly.
  10. Why not get get the HC dedicated launcher?
  11. Those form shifts/mires were impressive and I thought I was fast, I have them (forms) mapped to two of my mouse buttons, but that was another level. I'm going to have to play with some more macros.
  12. Same with me. I think it’s broken.
  13. I'm pretty sure at one point they did inherent Eclipse, not sure for how long.
  14. I agree now they are not even note-worthy, but at launch they were 1 shot killers who zeroed in on Khelds and debt meant something.
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