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  1. When I was on live, I was all for it. Now though with Incarnates and improved IOs I'm like , Eh.
  2. Enhancements +range set bonuses now have 7 tiers (like all other types), rather than 3 This should have no impact on existing sets So does that mean we got some IO changes? If so are the changes listed somewhere?
  3. So I took your advice and rebuilt my PB from live and updated him to as Godly a Build as I could tweak out and have to agree with you. The current state of PBs are not as bad as I remembered. High-End IOs, Incarnates and Perma LF is a far cry from what I remember when I played PBs on live. I still break out the WS if I feel like going all uber balls blazing mode, but my PB just feels more of a balanced ride.
  4. I have it only on my WS alternate Fire Farm Build.
  5. I run adrenal booster on my WS as it helps me hit those 5 pets if needed. Another toggle issue I have is when you are in Nova Form and you wanna pop back into human for say hasten recharge, build-up, etc, you have to fall out the sky to try and buff back, would love to have hover queued up to stop the fall.
  6. Well the buffs all carry through the forms, It's mainly the shields/defensive powers that are a pain. Not saying the powers have to reactivate in forms, just eliminate the mad scramble from shifting forms and having to re-toggle everything.
  7. Every time there is a new Issue or Patch Notes, I quickly scan them looking for something about Kheldians and Toggles. Been playing since Khelds were first launched and having to Re-Toggle Human Form powers is something to this day I don't understand why it hasn't been eliminated. I mean is it somehow going make Khelds OP'd and make the other ATs scream for a nerf? I don't think so. Is there some kind of technical limitation I am missing? It has to be the most basic QoL Kheld change requested. Glad that some of the power pools and other ATs are getting looked at/ reworked, but what would it ta
  8. Thanks for the info, I wish they would have added some of that toggle love to Kheldians
  9. Powers New Prestige Powers Only Affect Self Activating this power prevents you from attacking foes or aiding allies - all powers will only affect yourself If you are attacked, this power will suppress, allowing you to fight back Disable All Powers Activating this power will stop all your powers and set bonuses from working Both of these powers can be acquired from the P2W vendor in the Prestige Utility category for zero cost What is the purpose of these two? I'm trying to fathom a reason.
  10. I like the homecoming launcher, but since I sometimes launch CoH remotely I don't use it as it errors out.
  11. Back in the day they were deadly and since debt actually mattered, it was common to see a Kheld beat feet at the sight of one.
  12. There's also no benefit in disabling XP. You're only robbing yourself of EMP Merits that if you choose to level another 50 on the account you could transfer them to, or if HC makes changes to the system you could use them for something else.
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