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Various tight/tight-with-skin costume suggestions


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The Tee option for both men and women has a much higher neck than real normal styles of t-shirt.  This is obviously nice if you want to have the color of your shirt meld seamlessly with a head/face color option that extends down the neck, but otherwise, it tends to make the costume piece just subtly wrong.  It'd be nice to have a tee-shirt option that had a neckline that wasn't scooped or anything, but stopped an inch or so from the neck.


It would also be really nice to have midriff-baring tops-with-skin (for women especially, but it's the 21st Century, why not men, too), that bared like a few inches of midriff, instead of either going all the way to the waist or stopping immediately below the breasts.


It'd be nice to get a top that was somewhat similar to the tank top, but featured wider shoulder straps instead of the spaghetti straps that the tank top has (like the metallic dress top, but not metallic and with a more conventional back).


All of these would be nice for simulating civilian clothing, though I imagine they'd see some significant use in costuming per se as well.

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I'm going to +1 this also.  I've wanted different necklines on costumes for a while, not just the basic T but also all of the older tights patterns.  It's weird the way it comes up exactly to the seam in the character's neck and then stops.  A few different options would be useful and look cool.

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