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  1. Considering what utter morons and corrupt thieves the city councilmen and mayors of Paragon have proven themselves to be (Penny Yin TF, anyone?) the mayoral election probably results in the winner immediately getting checked into a cell at Zigursky Prison.
  2. He got lost on the way to the Forum?
  3. At work right now, so I don't have a complete list handy, but 95% of knockbacks are less than one (knockdown) or more than 12. There really isn't a lot in between that I can think of offhand.
  4. I would pay them money for a pistol and blade combination powerset. Be perfect for a couple character ideas I had.
  5. The no hero merit isn't a bug. Homecoming no longer offers alignment merits as reward options, you can only buy them via spending 50 reward merits. Since they can be converted back at the same rate, their only use here is to make mailing significant numbers of reward merits between characters easier.
  6. There was a tragic yet unavoidable accident where the industrial UV lamp facility was SOMEHOW re-signed as a blood bank. You could smell the burning for DAYS.
  7. For a new player, I'd suggest going and making a new character and doing the old tutorials, Outbreak (hero) or Breakout (villain). They actually explain what all those bars and things on your screens mean, what inspirations do, how you recover from a defeat, etc. MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than the Galaxy City tutorial. The old tutorials assumed that CoH was your first MMO and that you didn't know a damn thing. The new tutorial assumes you're rolling your 27th alt and just want a more engaging fight to start its career, and barely explains anything.
  8. Far as I know it's just a naughty bonus fight for people who remember all the "poisoned candy and razor blades in apples" stories from the 1980s.
  9. As someone who plays most ATs, I have no issues with Apex or Tin Mage on any melee or not-melee ATs. It's not even particularly challenging.
  10. I'd love if a variant without the actual staff weapon could be a Footstomp alternative. 🙂
  11. Keep your filthy mitts off my super stylish dance staff move.
  12. Probably a combination of long standing biases and disinterest in blasters in general. New devices IS pretty awesome, and I was quite satisfied with my ar/dev going to 50 here.
  13. ~19% tohit buff, 20% damage all the time. Adds an extra 60 (or 80? I forget) percent damage to sniper attacks. Sniper buff takes 8 seconds out of combat to re-set.
  14. I'd love to see more powersets naturally. I'd also liek to see the story lines progressed and some or all of the dangling plot threads resolved. I'd like to see the Praetorian EATs developed. I want to see more uses of the Whip animations. I'd love new animations of all sorts, in fact.
  15. No, I think my version is a more accurate description. 🙂
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