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  1. Like a long running game of Trivial Purse-uit?
  2. Depends on character (AT/powers), slotting, level, etc. Bar none my always hate "screw those guys sideways with power tools" mobs are the new praetorian IDF/Warworks robots. Tons of debuffs and resistance to a bunch of things, plus rezzer mobs and healers. They just suck real bad.
  3. Sounds like the set bonus values are being subjected to AT scalars, maybe?
  4. Damn, didn't take long for this thread to be GONE TO THE AMERICANS! :)
  5. I have been playing a disconcerting amount of phone game Azur Lane these days. I blame Ava for getting all of us in the SG hooked on the damn game. Then again... this example ship sure makes me feel sanguine about gunboat diplomacy.
  6. I've done iTrials with you a bunch of times and MSRs too. You were always a good leader. That said I can totally empathize with burnout. After SIX HUNDRED Hami raids and all that other stuff too I don't think ANYONE would blame you for hanging up the raider hat for a while.
  7. Well then I guess you know what rolls downhill then. :)
  8. Has anyone pointed out that you must not roll a stone uphill?
  9. I honestly did not know this, but I've loved MoM since it was new back a quarter century ago. If there's a new and improved version you can bet I'm gonna be buying that now.
  10. I want to see the ;getsome emote turned into a taunt animation.
  11. If that's your global name. I'd suggest checking your chat handle as was suggested earlier. Also don't forget the @ sign when you write the global name in your recipient bar.
  12. Personally I find the best way to look at Trip Mine is as your pbaoe attack. Not to spend two minutes setting up ambushes, but as your "oh crap I'm surrounded, better deal with that" one click. It's about a two second animation as I recall, which is not too much longer than most blaster pbaoe attacks and does pretty decent damage in a fairly wide radius. Think of it as your Dragon's Tail or Spin.
  13. Pay close attention to Katie Douglas' arc, as I recall. IIRC that's the transition point from First to Night.
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