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  1. Remind me again why this isn't all that needs to be said?
  2. To enable the display of merit vendor items you can't afford, there's a little checkbox down at the bottom on the right hand side that you can click to "hide items you can't afford." Untick that and you'll see everything the vendor offers even if you can't pay for it. Your friend clearly had that tickbox unchecked.
  3. Dark's stealth is ALSO a defense, in point of fact. So dark has a little bit of everything except knockback protection. :)
  4. Everything is a Nemesis plot. Especially things that aren't.
  5. I expect for most of us who feel this way it's because her arc and Graves' redside are written assuming both the character and the player are complete and total idiots.
  6. I admit I didn't read EVERY post in their entirety, but how is this different than just sending a billion inf or two to your global email as attachments?
  7. I would not mind this for various reasons, assuming it's a relatively straightforward coding change. However as the resources needed go up my support goes down proportionally. 😉
  8. Is this a convoluted way of announcing the return of Rikti Astley?
  9. As I'm sure we're all aware, recently the Homecoming team made all tiers of enhancement available at early levels (training, dual origins, single origins). With that change it is now possible to get full SO-level enhancements at any level. including 1. What has not been looked at to my knowledge is how formerly high level enhancements (IOs, SOs, etc.) scale down when either exemplared or restricted by virtue of being attuned. Right now an ATO on a level 7 character gives ~5% accuracy/damage or whatever on the 33% stats, in line with training origins that offer ~8% of those stats. Since any
  10. Why not use a +5'd performance shifter endmod only set IO? Then you get 7.5% movespeed boost as well.
  11. Doesn't this already happen if you have differently upgraded pets and zone with them? I recall having to respawn minion tier pets inside a mission and then zoning out (with exit mission button) to have all three get the most upgraded ones' upgrades as well.
  12. Isn't this already basically possible with power execute macros?
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