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  1. The only "must have" power versus Tsoo is Tohit Buff. That means Tactics and/or focused accuracy and their variants.
  2. Wouldn't this be better as a power customization option for Energy Blast/assault/etc.?
  3. And spending approximately a year per attack to build up that shock wave?
  4. For my staff/bio brute, I rarely bother with anything other than offensive/body. In the extremely improbable scenario that I encounter mobs that impact my blue bar significantly I'll go efficient/body. That happens so rarely though that I keep efficient on a different hotkey bar entirely.
  5. I am aware of that, mine was a related tangent involving bones and their users. Alternatively, the bone-ers as the term for users of giant thigh bone weapons. 🙂
  6. All the blunt force weapon sets need giant thigh bone weapon options. Get that caveman dino-club thing going. Or be able to whack people with your giant bone. Just think of all the hilarious character concepts it'd enable!
  7. I always monitor: Regen Rate Recovery Rate ToHit Chance Damage Buff Recharge Time Depending on build (res vs def, for example): 1 paired resistance (S/L F/C, etc.) Melee def Ranged def AOE def 1 other paired resistance For typed defense characters I monitor one paired defense (s/l, etc) of each pair and a resistance to see if I've been debuffed. For resistance characters I monitor one from each pair and then one of the vector defenses for similar reasons.
  8. These days pretty much the only point is to unlock the redside signature story arc series (lastri kumanis et al.) which only open up from a 30-35 red tip mission. Plus the Morty Kal redside task force, which is a 20-25 tip, IIRC. They're supposed to be the guaranteed first tip drops in those level ranges, as I recall.
  9. It holds it until you finish the character generation process. You lose the name if you get disconnected or otherwise cancel the creation of the character before hitting the "enter the city" button on the final window.
  10. There's an arbiter standing outside the Grandville tower entrance. Talk to him and he'll get you going. Rogue and villain are the same thing as far as content goes, so you can be either. You just couldn't be a hero or a vigilante though.
  11. Opening a new radio or paper mission (or phoning a constant timed mission contact like Borea) is the method I use.
  12. Don't forget you can freely adjust the levels and team size values with the difficulty menu on the chat bar under the little speech bubble button on the far right too. So not only did you not permanently gimp yourself, you can adjust based on how hard things are for you as you're traveling. 🙂
  13. Team size mods and level adjustments only apply before you walk into a mission. If you change them while inside an instance you need to exit and restart the instance to see any change. That said if your team size is bigger than whatever you have the adjustment set to, the game will use the larger of the two. So a team size setting of 3 and an actual team number of eight will spawn for an 8 man team. That same team size 3 setting for a solo or duo will spawn for three people.
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