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Kinetics and "pet safety".


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Hello everyone. I tried searching for the info I am looking for and I just came up empty after sifting through a lot of words.


Anyway, I am trying to see if there is a way to make a Kinetics Mastermind and achieve pet safety. I am ignorant on Mastermind primaries and I have no idea what helps pets survive. As far as buffs to defense or resistance, debuffs to enemy's to-hit, etc. I am also ignorant on I.O. slotting out pets for bonuses and what-not. I know there are some +defense auras, but I was informed today that one of the big auras does only +AOE defense.


So my question is: Despite kinetics providing no pet safety (except for Increase Density), is there any way to achieve full pet safety through any other means? Power pool buffs? Slotting? Pets buffing each other?

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  So I've got a demon/kin MM at 50 and she was a blast to play with very little pet dying issues. Demon gives you hell on earth which will allow you to slot all the pet uniques there without having to dedicate slots in your pets to these uniques which allows you to have stronger/tougher pets also the T2 demons cast a thermal shield which will aid in their durability. Pick up leadership for maneuvers to buff you and your pets but the main way to guarantee pet safety is to kill faster.......speedboost, fulcrum shift and transference will all ensure this happens. 


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IMO Beasts pairs best with Kin. 

  • Can self cap own Defense with Fortify Pack and still hit damage cap with FS.
  • Have good native resists and Defense to build off of.
  • Beasts like melee. Kin likes melee too.



  • Maneuvers
  • Pet IOs 
  • Fortify Pack


Go Support Hybrid for when you can't use Fortify at full stacks or you need a bit more Def to cover iCap or debuffs.

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Agree with the above posters that your Primary makes a big difference. For +Defence, Thugs (Enforcer Maneuvers) and Robots (Protector Bot bubbles) are also worth looking at.


Regarding supplemental abilities that can assist with general survivability, your Incarnate slot choices are going to grant the biggest boosts, however there are a few others that are available earlier (such as Bonfire at level 35+ from the Epic pool, slotted with a KB->KD IO)


I posted my Bot/Kin build recently here with a breakdown of the Incarnate slots etc that I found helpful. It regularly farms +4/8 maps solo, so it's definitely possible to get there. AVs/GMs can get a little trickier but they're mostly doable if you leverage your siphons.

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