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Lighting Rod


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when i go to use lighting rod power about 50% of the time the skill will teleport me to the location, the lighting explosion happens but nothing happens there is no miss that accurs nor is there any damage delt. Im currently useing it on a tanker electric melee/ radiation armor 

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Noticing similar Effects when i run into a mob as to say release a t9 Blaster nuke i force myself to wait a second in the mob until i activate the power, save me headaches.


I think it somehow network lag/communication lag, probably the server thinks u are not at the position of the foes, while the client says u are.


How to fix it for a Power that TP and execute damage right together , i dont know.



Former Player on Server:

Protector, Guardian, Virtue, Liberty, Freedom, Union and Defiant (Hero Side) and part Time Infinity

Justice, Pinnacle, Victory (Villain Side)

Currently Reunion is the Main Server

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