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Halloween: Nightcastle (Oct.31)


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Journey to a faraway land this Halloween and come stop by Nightcastle on Torchbearer. There should be plenty of treats to be had, and maybe a few tricks.


A mythical island abandoned long ago- a tall castle looms over the grounds below. Explore the keep, jump into an arena, navigate a hedge maze, or even climb a mysterious witchtree. Legend has it a dragon slumbers somewhere beneath the castle grounds, it would be unwise wake him. If you would like to join in for fun giving out treats, participating in a scavenger hunt, or maybe just want to see some cool Halloween bases- send Dacy or myself a message on the forums or on Discord. If you want to tour the castle or pet a dragon, come stop by @ Pizza-2544 (Dont forget to use /visscale 7!)






More details for Halloween Coming Soon™



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