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  1. A little aerial defense incase a dragon comes by, used a lot of Wood pieces to build this mounted crossbow.
  2. Nope. Space sky is really the only way to make it pitch dark night, which comes with the distracting sun unfortunately. Night Ward is the next best thing, but the options are limited.
  3. Then I would like to be able to use my "interuptable" version of the snipe mid combat as well, as in, even tho the little yellow circle is there, if any enemy is far outside of range, I want to still be able to utilize the snipe range, make it interuptable. But at least I will still feel like I actually have a snipe power. The point I'm getting at is the loss of range/utility is what sucks the most about this change.
  4. The point I'm trying to make is why make the change at all then? Was it so broken that it needed to be changed? Cause I kinda feel like having the extra range midcombat was a nice perk for fliers/runners and the like.
  5. Yeah its baffling, so a snipe should be no better than any ranged attack? Sure it has extra damage, the extra rech/endurance is paying for that, but 80' in combat or no is just kind of silly. Waiting for a dev's response on why they felt the need to change this.
  6. Still haven't had a dev address as to why snipes had their fast cast range reduced from 150' to 80' midcombat. Completlely unnecessary change imo =/
  7. Please make ALL the animal heads/floating skull/unique head options available with half helmets/hoods/globe/and other accessories. For example, floating skull can be used with a hood for a grim reaper, or I can put a top hat on my bird's head. Or a lizard man with a viking helmet. Seeing as the dev's are expanding on and opening up the flexibility of the costume editor (asymmetrical pieces is a good start!) I'd like to see this addressed as well.
  8. Wait till you get to complain about ageless/domination every 70 ish seconds /theft of essence barely cuttin it. heh
  9. Still not a fan of the change to fast cast snipe's range, it was a nice way to deal with fliers / cowards and the like mid-combat. They should have something a little more than 80' imo.
  10. I'll just say, the range nerf (bug fix?) on fast cast snipes mid combat is a bit of a bummer, I can understand if this was broken/not working as intended but it was really nice to have a way to deal with cowards that fly away and run to great distance on open maps, watching them cling to hope of escape only for my dominator's snipe to dispose of them mid combat. Would it be too much to ask for a middle ground between 80' and 150'? Or at the very least only reduce the range for Scrapper/Stalker fast snipes?
  11. Just gotta say I am really going to miss shooting the fast flying cowards with my snipe while im dealing with the rest of the baddies in range.
  12. Like the new changes, but if we're taking a look at travel powers... Any chance we can make it so Walk does not make you retoggle everything when you turn in on? I should be able to go from walking to not walking without losing all my toggles. Secondly, would be nice to get more customization for hover, any chance i can get a hover animation with beam rifle pointed forward similiar to the walking animation but while hovering?
  13. Executioner's block. Grave dirt looks not unlike dried blood in a certain light..
  14. As dissapointed in the Hemo nerf as I am, Savage still shines most with Savage Leap anyway imo, i love having a stalker with ridiculous AoE Tping in and out of groups.
  15. Hey fellas, no worries just lost a brick wall somewhere down there lemme know if you see one. Thanks!
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