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  1. Imagine enabling PvP wouldn't be the hard part, the hard part would be making sure griefing/balance issues didnt crop up. I can just imagine someone trying to have an opponent spawn in a room and other players could attack them from the outside and they couldn't do anything. Of course at a certain point if your base sucks and you grief people nobody is going to want to fight/duel in it, but I don't pvp anyhow. I'd just love to have mobs ambush my castle but I know the AI would be too wonky on "Over room" surfaces lol
  2. Yeah its always a good idea to replace it in a "safe" resting place after doing any kind of editing. I believe its like every few times you load the base or edit or w/e that objects may shift down or up ever so slightly. Enough to cause the bug sometimes unfortunately. Ive noticed brick walls doing this and objects on tables and stuff as well. My portal is ontop of grass so its happened in the past and its very annoying.
  3. I always get in the habit of moving my base portal back to where it belongs (not intersecting with the floor, even if its not currently bugged) on 1/4 every time i do any kind of editing in my base. Just as a preventative measure. Havent seen this happen since, think its a code thing.
  4. Torchbearer! Been working on it off and on for the last 6 months. Going to post an update soon with new pictures cause ive added more detail. Seems like its forever a WIP lol.
  5. Floating head "Human skull" option. Can we get this available in the think tank at least as an alternative to the brain? That one in theory should be easy. But i would also like to see the human skull useable with hoods and helmets as well. The texture for that is a big step up from the old skull face texture. More skeletal pieces in general would be awesome. Forearms, legs,pelvis, ribcage. Etc. Pretty please??
  6. Would be nice if the "Human skull" floating head option was available in the think tank, as well as with helmets and maybe hoods? Way better and more updated texture than the old fashion skull option, be nice to have pelvis/forearm/ribcage and other boney options for undead characters as well.
  7. /visscale 4 is the first thing i type in any time i enter my base or anyone else's. Its like the base building equivalent of offering a guest a drink, just common decency. We ain't savages!
  8. /visscale 500, you have to retype it every now and then. but it does work for seeing even further than the graphics menu will let you. I'm sure there may be a way to permanently set it to default to. Maybe even further than 500? I think the in-game UI options let you go to 200.
  9. I haven't personally noticed this happening in mine, maybe its certain objects that are more prone to doing it? Try taking before and after screenies if you notice it happen. If it is indeed random, I wonder what would be causing it- I'm pretty OCD about base building and like most people who love it to if one thing just randomly moves we tend to notice, I'd be very curious to see whats going on, and if its a real issue that needs to be addressed. When building my current one I would sometimes be inside a structure placing pieces inside a wall and if a certain piece accidentally didn't get placed as I wanted I'd ctrl+z to undo it, but then sometimes end up finding said missing wall piece outside somewhere it doesn't belong.
  10. Cool. But reducing the recharge and or animation time of the base tp doesn't seem unreasonable either.
  11. More than just 10 teleport points, if that hasn't already been mentioned, would be awesome. And as awesome as that would be it would be even more super awesome if you could customize the "name" of the teleport point. Zayin/Beth etc is nice, but is it as nice as Living Room/Backyard, etc? Wishful hopes at this point, but it is a suggestion.
  12. Base editing on Homecoming >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Live
  13. Horses? Cows? Farm Animals? Horse stall? xD
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