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  1. Horses? Cows? Farm Animals? Horse stall? xD
  2. Thanks, its close to finished now, I'm on Torchbearer. PIZZA-2544
  3. I have no idea what the plans were for a final incarnate ability, maybe something is in the works? If there was an omega slot, what would it do? Would it be like a godmode? Do we even need any more incarnate abilities? Discuss.
  4. Honestly there is a height cap, but you can use shift to drag objects up or down once you place them on a floor or surface. I think even the highest tower on the keep isn't hitting the top yet.
  5. Might be fun to do a series of individual bases designed as a puzzle/exploration format. You can hide clues or letters through a base. For example, a forrest with a set of letters and numbers. You discover all these clues,it gives you the passcode to the next "level" or base using the enter base slash command. Obviously you would need to use throwaway toons or seperate characters per base. It could make for a fun Myst style exploration mini-game. Go from a dungeon, to a desert, to an office building. Taking portals. Etc. Anyone try this?
  6. Castle is nearing completion, its at the point where its mostly decoration / fixing minor little issues here and there. Still some stuff I can add later. There are a handful of little secrets and hidden artifacts. Just have to explore and find them: PIZZA-2544
  7. Has anyone experimented to see at what point a base's quantity of objects/textures start to cause server issues/lag or players crashing inside the base? For those of us with latge scale or more ambitious projects it might be a good idea to know. Got the largest plot possible for our Castle, including several rooms and at least 1500 objects so far. The FPS hasnt taken a noticeable hit but i do have a brief period of texture rendering thats visible for certain objects when entering. Tbf i do run CoH on an older pc.
  8. Id kill for more of those in base teleport points. Unless they work when far enough apart it really only allows for 5 in base tound trip teleporters. Would open up a lot of cool possibilities if we had more.
  9. The Night Castle. PIZZA-2544 A medieval themed base on Homecoming. Town Square Throne room Fireplace Dungeon Night Sky The candle grounds also include a hedge maze, crypt, arena, marketplace, enchanted forest and several hidden goodies scattered about.
  10. Lava you can get away with by coloring the muddy water surfaces a reddish/orange color and adding in flame effects. Not perfect, but it does work. I did this for a base that I built. Will try to post some photos of it. meh. I still feel we need a true dedicated lava texture
  11. This and Lava surfaces are what im waiting for as well. Hopefully in the next patch they will answer our prayers *hint hint nudge nudge*
  12. Nice work, but in "top view from main keep" looks like you're missing a roof? The roof is definitely not finished yet, you can walk on it buts theres definitely some clipping/open cracks in some of the walls. The keep is tricky. Its far from complete. Im building all around the keep and the dungeon underneath is a whole nother side of the base im going to get to eventually. I'd say the base is maybe a quarter of the way done? I'm just gonna keep adding more. Its an ongoing project lol.
  13. Night castle, Full album: https://imgur.com/a/0sOm1po. Pass code: PIZZA-2544
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