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  1. Hey fellas, no worries just lost a brick wall somewhere down there lemme know if you see one. Thanks!
  2. My plant/dark's build curiously found a way to skip the Dom ATOs entirely, too many dmg procs needed elsewhere, other purple sets that could easily fill the gap when you take Ice Armor and are going for S/L def anyway. I'd definitely take it on a build that needs ranged defense though.
  3. Ho boy, if the base lovin is a comin, here goes: New base items •More static creatures / wildlife - farm animals like chickens, horses, sheep, birds that can fly or animate, maybe a sleeping cat? •More rustic structures and building blocks for buildings etc, more in house decorations are always nice. •More natural ground textures like the grass hills and grass planes, but for sand, snow, stone, gravel, bark, etc •Lava flat plane texture similiar to water, the lava rivers we see in the Who will die arc? •Rain/Snow/Ash that wont go through ceilings of buildings (if this possible) and will be active across an entire base •More skies, maybe night only and day only option? QoL / Base editor •Fix the indoor/outdoor lighting dilemma •Infinite water and maybe a way to put up boundaries so players can't go to the edge. •Maybe a way to place things further away from rooms on the plot grid? •Customizeable NPC / Vendor / Tailor / Nurse names and costumes. Maybe an emote or static pose to select for their default? •More in base teleport beacons, 10 tp points can go quick •The ability to name a teleport beacon - such as Living Room, Dining Room, Upper deck, observatory, etc etc Just for Fun if its possible •Clickeable plaques/base items that can lore and text boxes •Maybe doors/switches/triggers that can open? Or at the very least openeable doors that can act like teleport points, could open up the potential for puzzle bases and mini games. •The ability to use a teleport to link 2 bases using a passcode. •Destructable base items similiar to mayhem missions •Rikti Training dummies we can test our powers on, or maybe even a way to spawn npcs that give no reward? Like a training simulation •PVP in base, like an On/Off switch? Just a few ideas off the top of my head of things I would very much enjoy having down the road maybe.. if its possible.
  4. Wish I could use ultimatepower as the default animation for Frenzy on my Dom instead of the silly chest pounding animation tbh. A bind is just fickle and doesnt always work when paired with a power execution.
  5. Or you could go /dark which would also be melee centric and would pair well with a high defense build, ontop of having Gather Shadow's +Special.
  6. Is there a way to make the base transporter power take me straight to my base without the extra click menu with enter base and enter passcode? The way i have my bind set up now: "enterbasefrompasscode lazy-1234$$powexecname Base Transporter", only grievance is it requires 2 button presses to achieve the same affect the /enterbasefrompasscode did with only 1. Just curious is all 🙂
  7. As in I can have the floating skull head with a helmet, a baseball cap, a hood (grim reaper?) Floating Skull >>>>> Skull option in masks. Just sayin'
  8. I'd be okay if they brought it up from 95% to 99% Your superpowered entity will still miss the occasional punch/shot, but it would also be less of "Oh, hi RNG"
  9. No worries. I wouldn't expect anything more, you guys have done a great job. Major props and thanks to you guys for fixing the stuck in base portal bug. Looking forward to more base pieces in the future 🙂
  10. Any chance... you can give us base editors some winter stuff plz? Like maybe throw us a bone and dummy up a flat plane with a snow texture?
  11. I always found it amusing that CoH came back to life right around the time Avengers Endgame came out, It was almost like Homecoming reversing NCSoft's snap. 2019 was a good year.
  12. Titan Weapons/Bio/Time characters in shambles rn lol
  13. Why not, just for fun... Character: Wuigly Squigly Global: @KingofMonkeys SG: Anti Unwise Council Shard: Torchbearer Passcode: Pizza-2544 Builder: @KingofMonkeys Nightcastle An enchanted medieval island. Includes: Castle * Moat * Great Keep * Guard Walls / 4 Guard Turrets * Crystal Dungeon * Secret Chamber * Cellar of Fire Town * Storage * Blacksmith * Market * Drunk Dragon Pub * Arena * Graveyard / Crypt Grounds * North / South docks * Hedgemaze * Pumpkin Patch * Witch Hut * Sword in the stone * 4 Magic orbs: Strength (Red) , Courage (Yellow), Wisdom (Green) and Spirit (Purple) * Numbers 1-9 scattered in the same way badges might be scattered on a map, can you find them all? * Doors work a certain way due to limited access to in-base teleport points and there are a few that are one-way. The front doors to the keep are locked, how does one go about getting inside? Try jumping through a window, or you can take the secret entrance through the dungeon, which is to the left of the keep entrance. All doors that go anywhere should have a small glow and be clickable. You will have to explore and see where they go. There are a few ways to get inside the castle walls, and one or two ways to get out. * The first 2 griffin statues near the entrance can be clicked on for buying/selling/leveling up, and the 2 on the other side of the front gate can be used as tailor/nurse as well for convenience. * The stonehedge portals right next to the entrance are organized by Hero/Villain/Other, other being co-op zones and some of the other more commonly accessed places. * Local legend speaks of a slumbering dragon in a cave somewhere beneath the island, but this is unconfirmed.. /visscale 7 recommended!
  14. So don't cheat and have fun? That sounds really hard /s
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