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  1. I always found it amusing that CoH came back to life right around the time Avengers Endgame came out, It was almost like Homecoming reversing NCSoft's snap. 2019 was a good year.
  2. Titan Weapons/Bio/Time characters in shambles rn lol
  3. Why not, just for fun... Character: Wuigly Squigly Global: @KingofMonkeys SG: Anti Unwise Council Shard: Torchbearer Passcode: Pizza-2544 Builder: @KingofMonkeys Nightcastle An enchanted medieval island. Includes: Castle * Moat * Great Keep * Guard Walls / 4 Guard Turrets * Crystal Dungeon * Secret Chamber * Cellar of Fire Town * Storage * Blacksmith * Market * Drunk Dragon Pub * Arena * Graveyard / Crypt Grounds * North / South docks * Hedgemaze * Pumpkin Patch * Witch Hut * Sword in the stone * 4 Magic orbs: Strength (Red) , Courage (Yellow), Wisdom (Green) and Spirit (Purple) * Numbers 1-9 scattered in the same way badges might be scattered on a map, can you find them all? * Doors work a certain way due to limited access to in-base teleport points and there are a few that are one-way. The front doors to the keep are locked, how does one go about getting inside? Try jumping through a window, or you can take the secret entrance through the dungeon, which is to the left of the keep entrance. All doors that go anywhere should have a small glow and be clickable. You will have to explore and see where they go. There are a few ways to get inside the castle walls, and one or two ways to get out. * The first 2 griffin statues near the entrance can be clicked on for buying/selling/leveling up, and the 2 on the other side of the front gate can be used as tailor/nurse as well for convenience. * The stonehedge portals right next to the entrance are organized by Hero/Villain/Other, other being co-op zones and some of the other more commonly accessed places. * Local legend speaks of a slumbering dragon in a cave somewhere beneath the island, but this is unconfirmed.. /visscale 7 recommended!
  4. So don't cheat and have fun? That sounds really hard /s
  5. Would sure be nice now wouldn't it. Intra-base customization of NPC costumes/names and renaming teleport names is something I really hope we can do at some point.
  6. That tends to happen if you put the grass plane directly on another surface such as the top of said room. I've seen this happen when moving and looking at flat planes from a bit of a distance. One thing you could do is shift the grass up a little bit (Say 1/4 or 1/2 above the surface you originally placed it) and that should help the texture flickering. As for stairs from inside-room to outside-base, it can sorta be done but you have to use teleport points. Even if you use "open sky" a character will not be able to pass to and from unfortunately. A lot of bases tend to use doors with teleport points that take you from the inside to out and vice versa.
  7. Savage/Energy. More fun than I ever thought I would have on a stalker. Deliciously fun. Survivable, sustainable. A plethora of AoE carnage. BL > Leap > AS > Flurry. Tons of AoE. Lots of bloody proccing goodness. Zapp is nice to have to for the cowards that run away.
  8. Full on Raids might be a bit of a stretch at this point, but a PVP "On/Off" switch for the most basic form of PVP should be possible in theory. The main issue would be teleport like powers and AI on pets walking on surfaces outside of the rooms. If you've ever summoned pets in ATB style bases you probably know what I mean.
  9. No idea how balanced these are but what the hey just for fun: Revenge 10-50 Univeral Debuff Set (ToHit Debuff, Slow, Defense Debuff) ToHit Debuff/Slow/Defense Debuff ToHit Debuff/Slow/Defense Debuff/Accuracy ToHit Debuff/Slow/Defense Debuff/Endurance Recharge/Accuracy Endurance/Recharge ToHit Debuff/Slow/Defense Debuff/Chance for Cold Damage (2) Max Endurance 1.8% (3) Smash/Lethal Resist 2.25% (4) Ranged Defense 2.5% (5) Recharge 7.5% (6) Hold/Stun/Sleep Protection (Mag 2) Redemption 10-50 Universal Buff Set (ToHit / Defense / Resistance) ToHit / Defense / Resistance ToHit / Defense / Resistance / Endurance Reduction ToHit / Defense / Resistance / Recharge ToHit / Defense / Resistance / Endurance Reduction / Recharge Endurance/Recharge Recharge / Unresisted Damage Bonus (Unique / Global) (Adds a 10% Damage bonus to all attacks, this bonus damage ignores enemy resistance) (2) Endurance Discount 2.5% (3) Range 5% (4) Recharge 5% (5) 3% HP (6) All Positional Defense 3%
  10. KingofMonkeys


    Ball to my Lightning Savage to my Leap Rending Flurry Remains
  11. Another option is deleting whatever is in the way until you can select the desired floor, and then just ctrl+z whatever you had to delete.
  12. It is an incredibly fun, active and chaotic combo that's for sure. My main uses this combo and it can rip through +4/8 mobs pretty confidently. Here is my plant/dark's current build A few things- while having soft capped S/L/E/N and ranged is nice on paper, I don't feel it is necessary. You have to invest quite a bit in your slotting to get there. I'd recommend just going for soft capped S/L and relying on your vast amount of mez / barrier to protect you. Roots is great if you want the extra AoE damage and crowd control, but ur ED will be up every 5 seconds and Creepers/Seeds will be helping with AoE as well so I don't think its required tbh. Creepers deserves all the damage procs you can get in it, and in doing so it will vastly outperform any build slotting it with regular damage enhancements. Creepers is a perfect example of a "proc monster". LIfe Drain is a good example of this as well, you can slot it for Healing to help you in combat while still dishing out more damage from procs then it would slotted for damage. The ideal Creepers slotting imo is all the TAoE dmg procs, as well as the Immob dmg proc and annihilation's -res proc. In the final slot maybe a Ragnarok: acc/rech to perma Creepers and make sure they can hit. Midnight grasp is skippable (Which I admit can be fun for stacking the Chance for BU ATO), and has a long animation time. Moonbeam, Gloom, Life Drain, and Smite should be an effective attack chain. Spirit Tree is immobile and not needed either, you can cycle Life Drain into your attack chain and Gather Shadows will make it work even better. In the above build you'll notice it rolls with Ice Mastery. Unless you have a strong thing against Ice Armor- I'd recommend Ice simply for the utility Hoarfrost and Sleet bring. Hoarfrost will give you an emergency heal and cap your HP for all but 30 seconds. Sleet will help you kill even faster, and is another pseudo crowd control AoE. I'd also recommend Muscle over Agility alpha in this case, you will have more than enough Recharge in this build. The build is definitely an endurance hog, but Domination will be refilling your endurance every 72 seconds, and Life drain is slotted with a +End proc for good measure. Just a few suggestions! Hope it helps. I've played the heck out of this build and still consider it to be one of the most fun character's i've made.
  13. I re-read what you meant and changed my reply, but u beat me to it lol. Yes, indeed you can, but this would definitely be a welcome change if re-using the power simply refreshed its duration and didnt mess with any of the current buffs.
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