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Anyone done Rad/Nin?


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Just now trying out Ninjitsu (StJ/Nin) for the first time.  Its interesting. The crits coming out of stealth are nice though not a major plus since (a) its only once every 20s, and (b) once you're in combat its not like you get to do it again until that combat is over. And it can be quite dangerous when it comes to the Twisted Reflection story arc. 


Rad Melee I've done before. Its not a fast combat set but it does hit hard. Proton Sweep is poop, do not take it. Devastating Blow has a long wind up, so your choice if you want to take it for the guaranteed Contaminated effect it delivers or skip it. I tend now to skip it and take Cross Punch to fill the gap. Rad Melee was a bit endurance intensive on my Rad/ Shield scrapper, so having an endurance recovery power in Ninjitsu is a real plus.

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