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  1. The group was in its 30s. I remember it being a race between the tank and the GC to see who could pull.
  2. The response to my hinting that it was a problem was saying, "You just have to enter the zone." Why a low hp character without status protection would want to is beyond me and should have been seen as an obvious non-starter.
  3. I was on a pickup Penolope Yin TF and roundly thanked for my use of DS when the team, already overwhelmed, faced the door onslaught. It's a tool to be used, though it can certainly be used poorly. Of course I was once on a pickup where the nitwit with DS used it on every pull. As I was on a ranged character I bit my tongue and quit asap.
  4. Erratic1

    Best Brute?

    Even on click ones you should just set it auto and slot for enough recharge that it is always up. I have not clicked on my Rad/Shield brute since he was too low to have it perma.
  5. Erratic1

    Best Brute?

    Mez protection is a toggle for both Invulnerability and Willpower. Perhaps you were thinking of Shield?
  6. Erratic1

    Rare tanker

    It is my third Tanker now that CoH is back and it works wonderfully.
  7. Ice/Time will definitely slow things but it's kinda overkill. Moreover you are hostage to group playing as Jack Frost is a miserable pet. While I plan to complete my Ice/Time controller someday, once I have enough spare influence to sink into her, she currently languishes at 45th level. Great buffs though. For slowing things down, I have had a lot more fun with my Ice/Time corruptor. For control I have been much happier with Electric/ Cold.
  8. Had one on live, but did not remake. Was a definite blast though.
  9. There is one on Torchbearer. I am not in it, but if you catch Ultimate Power Girl online, she can invite you. Tell her Mind Blaze sent you.
  10. Every attack makes things bleed. So that is damage that is being done, but not immediately. It should count for something but since you have no way to know the bleed on a target will kill it you are most likely going to expend more endurance for immediate damage. That becomes less wasteful however the more health you have to claw your way through since only the final hit stands to have its bleed portion do nothing.
  11. If the issue is one faction or a single member of a faction, I am not sure I can see that as a set issue. Plenty of sets and powerset combos have issues with a given faction or faction unit. What is Dark Melee or War Mace going to do when -Acc makes it start whiffing? Why is the problem Savage Melee and not the armor setvit was paired with? In a radio mission group this past weekend the options were CoT, BP, and Tsoo. Its telling that everyone groaned. Some factions are broadly annoying. As for outgoing damage...I do wonder if SM scores smaller hits because it is intended to be attacking faster. If at full Frenzy stacks you are attacking 20% more often then to keep pace with other sets in theory you should be dealing 83% of the damage per hit. I see something similar on my Katana scrapper where the attacks come quickly but for smaller amounts than say my Radiation Melee scrapper, whose attacks come slowly but land like boulders. If that is the case (a) we should be looking more towards the number of damage numbers thrown up than their magnitude though (b) the benefit of faster attacks is diminished.
  12. There is a certain amount of knockback annoyance I will tolerate. If someone exceeds that amount I do not make a scene but instead, when the mission is over, thank the group for their time and depart. Everyone is kept happy that way.
  13. I am not sure if this should go in a thread of it's own or not, but I am wondering about the notion of not using the Frenzy spenders and instead maintaining the endurance/recharge buffs from Frenzy stacks. You lose two attack options--one single target, one aoe--both of which do extra damage based on Frenzy stacks. But your non-spenders would cycle faster. I doubt the single target attacks are going to bring enough to the table. But Shred... I think I am going to have to read up on procs and see if when all is said and done slotting Shred with damage procs can pay off.
  14. I suspect you may have been a victim of +Recharge as goes endurance, not toggle cost (well, Lightning Field...). Blood Frenzy increases how often you can attack and Lightning Reflexes also increases how often you can attack. Blood Frenzy's endurance discount helps offset how much faster it makes you attack but that leaves Lightning Reflexes not being accounted for. The play experience would be running low on endurance and detoggling. If you were running Lightning Field as well, I am not surprised at there being endurance woes. I think the idea is that you pump out higher dps because you are attacking more, but your overall endurance cost is the same. Your survival consideration is higher dps means foes die quicker and have less time to damage you. Still, Resistance setss can take a bit of time in comparison to Defense sets to come into their own.
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