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  1. Certainly its cousin Sonic/Tactical Arrow is a lot of fun on a Blaster.
  2. A third thing I would add to a remade CoX Superspeed....going to just come out and say it but they should lift directly from DCUO and have it allow you to run up objects. Biggest problem with superspeed in this game is its utter lack of verticality. Still would suck in various portal zones but would make Superspeed a much more useful travel power in most of the rest of the game.
  3. Another thing I would add to a remade CoX.... Origin functionally means nothing in CoX. I would shift Origin from being tied to the character and instead tie it to powersets (with pools powers and epic masteries counting as powersets) giving each powerset different animations to represent the different origins. So a blaster with Ice Blast powerset could choose Mutation and have ice shooting from their finger tips or perhaps choose Technology and have a ice gun from which the powers emerged. Might also take time to clean up the Origin choices--a mutant's abilities are natural to th
  4. To be fair, I've encountered plenty of people who feel CoH is a grind from 32-35 ownwards. Compared to what I've experienced in other games I think that is silly but its a subjective thing I suppose.
  5. Signature rivals with story arcs and random appearances both open world and in missions. Along with a lot of what else has been suggested.
  6. I couldn't help it. It just popped in there. -- Dr. Raymond Stantz, Ghostbusters And really, I couldn't help it. Do you think there would be a problem with me making a villain that looked like: With the name Anti-Life I suspect I would have to play him on the villain side.
  7. I think what I would like most at the moment would be a trident. Sadly Blasters can't have them. 😢
  8. So after a few months away from the game I have been playing again and a discussion elsewhere prompted me to try a Water/Dark blaster. Of course the name Darkwater was taken. But that may have been fortuitous as casting about for something to represent Water and Darkness landed me on The Depths: First two images show the initial go at it and the third a somewhat more satisfying look. I am still not completely satisfied so revision is likely.
  9. No, /Dark on Corruptor does not have Dark Pit. Doesn't have Touch From Beyond either. Its a significantly different powerset.
  10. My favorite Brute back on live was Dark/Electric. Yeah...it seems like you're double dipping in the realm of endurance recovery and healing/regen. You are. Its a good thing.
  11. I do not think I've ever tried Water on a Blaster before. Very happy with my Water/Kinetics Corruptor...might have to consider how I would go about things on a Blaster. But yeah, even on a Corruptor who gets healing from the other side, having a heal on the blasting side is nice. I have a long history of discarded Blasters and only ever got one to 50 on Homecoming when I finally went with Beam Rifle/Martial, but I am not suggesting that here. I am having a fair amount of fun with Fire/Dark, At the lower levels all Blasters get a wealth of attacks open to them and its mostly about
  12. A lot of people do a lot of questionable things. That does not mean the powerset combo is bad, that means it is often played poorly. Siphon Power is bread and butter for any of my Kinetics characters. And while I do have a Kin/Sonic Defender, I think I prefer my Water/Kinetics Corruptor.
  13. He formed an energy sword with one hand and a force shield with the other. Shield/Psi Armor would probably give the best approximation to the character (not that I am suggesting the combo).
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