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  1. What I really wanted was a jet black costume with the white circle and spray of light at one point suggesting a solar eclipse. Instead, I went back to previous costume designs and pilfered. Still, I don't think it looks half shabby. My new stalker, Super Chilled: But I am really going to have to swear off using black and blue in future designs. Becoming too repetitive.
  2. Beta came before retail release. I had a Dark Defender then.
  3. Because you don't remember something or did not experience it does not make what more than one person has indicated to be their experiences not so. There's a thought for you.
  4. Not what I did. Perhaps you should go back and reread. Better yet, perhaps you should read it, because you can't reread unless you have actually read in the first place. You start off explaining the word "enabled" as if the word has some meaning other than its actual meaning. So its clear you're the one here with comprehension issues. Edit: And adding that you did not fully read the post does not make me look bad in the least.
  5. I remember being invited on one of my Kinetics defender to a team and then the subsequent joy when an Empathy defender joined the group later to get, "...a real healer." When there are enough people treating them as preferred Empathy types enjoyed an advantage in terms of getting groups because those groups wanted Empathy and almost nobody was going to demand to have any other type of Defender. Not really the end of the world for me because a certain amount of my time was spent solo and not everyone felt that not having a healbot shoved up their butt was the only way to g
  6. Yes, I know what the word "enabled" means. There is a reason I chose it. Its almost like I did not include in my post:
  7. The game enabled Trinity style play from the get go, and people coming from elsewhere certainly were willing to lean into it. Tankers, other than Fire, were not known for their damage, a large enough group would want healing, and the way you end fights is damage. And in recollection, there was plenty of love for Empathy Defenders (along with people declaring themselves loudly to be such) and not so much love for Force Field Defenders. Heck, if Kinetics didn't have Fulcrum Shift and Speed Boost I suspect they would also have been a lot less popular with their healing emanating fr
  8. Would love to have the option on Chest Detail for Ascension without the grillwork. As example with original left, suggestion* right: * To the limit of my artistic abilities
  9. Storm and Dark suggested the costume colors to me, including hair: WeatherWitch.costume
  10. Not sure how Stealth is measured, but yes it stacks with Celerity (which I have slotted in Sprint). With Sprint and Shinobi-Iri activated very little sees me (though some few things do). Edit: Should have checked Combat Attributes.... So things with a perception radius of 65 ft. or less will not notice my character unless they they ignore stealth radius like some things do according to Stealth and Perception - Unofficial Homecoming Wiki (cityofheroes.dev)
  11. Unconquerable - SS/Bio Brute Here Comes The Boom - Nelly - YouTube
  12. Not necessarily what I would do given my druthers but trying to follow your lead on S/L Defense. As such its lower in S/L Resistance than what I've done with Bio before but tradeoffs...you can't have everything. But that does make me wonder if your choice comes down to which two of S/L Defense, S/L Resistance, or +Recharge you sacrifice. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1381;670;1340;HEX;| |78DA6593D94E53511486F7690F201D1804649E5A192C5029EA9D89010113A552E10
  13. If you're not facing Defense Debuff then between capped S/L resistance, absorption, and regen...is S/L defense really adding much? And if you're facing Defense Debuff...well, you're back to leaning on resistance, absorption, and regen. Just wondering if more effort should be bent towards improving Recharge by which to better make Ablative, Siphon, and Parasitic.
  14. Have to admit I am impressed at forcing S/L Defense to such values without crazy sacrifice.
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