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  1. Be a good husband. Make a corruptor so you (a) get to deal damage but (b) can BUFF THE WIFE! She's got good defense so she's the tank. Your job is to support her. Its right there in the marriage vows.
  2. Old school buildings with elevators had a status panel showing where elevators were and which direction they were moving in. I tend to look at that display as a version of that.
  3. And in the Can't Win Department you then get blamed when others bite off something they cannot handle for not being there. Was in a group last night with 3 Kinetics users (my corruptor and two defenders), one melee, and a blaster and a spider. It was fast, things died stupidly quickly, and I remember questioning after one mission if we could not get larger spawn sizes only to be told we were at max setting. It cannot have been a lot of fun for the melee guy because if he got a punch or two in it was only by running ahead. Heck, wasn't always fun for me because it sucks to start animating Fulcrum Shift only for everything to die before it can go off (but max damage bonus Geysers and some utterly stunning tick values on Whirlpool more than soothed any complaints I might have had).
  4. Exactly what I wrote. Its posted above but here is a Cliff's Notes version: That is the opening line of the post. Everything that follows is to elucidate that point. And I clearly stated the validity of one's subjective view of a powerset combo. The only meaningful objection to what I wrote is to hold that there are powerset combos which objectively are bad--not a matter of personal view, they are definitionally or emergently bad in a way that is as clear to everyone as the Sun rising in the east.
  5. Pretty sure I wrote: So why are you trying to portray me saying otherwise?
  6. It is not like Foot Stomp does not take Recharge enhancements. To get a 145s Recharge down to 40s would requires 262.5% Recharge. At equivalent recharge Foot Stomp is up every 5.5s
  7. So by your reasoning Energy Blast is just a miserable set because its attacks knock things away and that can mean out of range so you'll have to move, hence its working against itself? Yeah, good luck on that one. At the point where you're thinking you're talking to yourself and everyone else is wrong? Certainly possible but the odds favor you needing to re-evaluate what you're saying and how you're saying it. Reiterating something which isn't true, no matter how many times you repeat it, does not make it true.
  8. There is a difference between objectively bad and subjectively not to your tastes. You do not want to move around in using your powers. That does not mean others would have a problem with it. Not sure why Sonic/Dark gets a special mention when any other */Dark combo is going to want to get close for various Dark effects. Beam's schtick is spreading Disintegration. The one and only Blaster I not only could tolerate but enjoyed sufficiently to play to level 50 is a Beam/Martial character. You live for the joy of seeing DISINTEGRATE and DISINTEGRATE SPREAD appear over the heads of things. So I am not sure where the notion comes from that it is lacking in area damage. Its all about how you arrange to clump foes for it. But not liking a combo? Well, I burned my way through dozens of Blasters and broadly its not a favorite AT of mine. Does that mean Blaster is objectively bad? No, it means that on the whole the AT is not my cup of tea. Likewise your dislike of various combinations within it--they do not appeal to you for perfectly valid subjective reasons. But not workable? Not appealing to someone? Doubtful.
  9. Its possible I am doing it wrong, but I am never in Offensive stance. Efficient is where I spend 95% of my time.
  10. I have an Atomic Guardsman. Perhaps we should team up? 😊
  11. I keep the crit proc in Savage Leap and do follow that with VS. At that point you should be at full stacks.
  12. The lower, exclusive, boundary is the brutes are effectively only getting Fury from their own individual attacks. Exclusive because at least one of them will be getting attacked in the minimal situation (one foe, 8 brutes). The upper boundary is they are all Fury saturated from making attacks and having enough opponents attacking each to peg their Fury bars. Realistic situations will be somewhere between, and likely closer to saturation than not. I just pulled up a video of a run on one of my brutes (two other brutes, two warshades, one mastermind in the group) and my Fury bar is about 80% full while in the thick of things.
  13. An all Brute group is going to have the issue of splitting Fury gained by being attacked (well, unless they all run off to get their own group...which is something I can see happening).
  14. The do not all have the same recharge but then again they also do not do the same damage. This holds for both blasters and brutes. Blasters Nova: 145s, 250.2 damage Hail of Bullets: 105s, 204.5 damage Brutes Foot Stomp: 20s, 59.2 damage Lightning Rod: 90s, 133.5 damage A cursory glance through the AT's powersets suggests there is less variance on the blaster side in regards to damage and recharge. As goes Brutes, while Lightning Rod does more damage it also comes up less frequently. In the time it takes Lightning Rod to recharge you could do four Foot Stomps. 4*59.2=236.8
  15. No Nova, but Brute high damage area attacks also recharge a lot faster. Nova is base 145s recharge, Foot Stomp is 20s.
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