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  1. From experience, END drain is pretty useless and you could probably bottom out a target's endurance with your primary attacks roughly as fast as you would adding in secondary powers. But even with that said I would bet you see more Elec/Elec blasters than you do Elec/<something with useful synergy> because if X/ is your theme then /X is the obvious thematic fit. As for Fire/Fire winning, I have gotten my Fire/Dark up to having Soul Drain and there is a lot to be said for boosting your damage output for 30 seconds. Yeah, you're going to do the big BOOM! but afterwards having t
  2. (1) There is disagreements over the best placement of the Crit Proc and it matters depending on how much you optimize your attack sequence to squeeze out maximum damage. I am fairly relaxed about such things, and so would probably stick it in Whirling Hands to increase the likelihood of it proc'ing but other might tell you differently. Probably should listen to one of them (if they give you a detailed explanation for why to do otherwise). (2,3,4,6) If Unstoppable is only a mule, at the loss of some Psionic resistance for not taking the power, you could instead take Shadow Meld, s
  3. I went Beam/Martial/Mace, but yeah, Beam/Martial is a lot of fun. But if you're posting in the Guide section, shouldn't you be share your build and what makes it work?
  4. It was because I'd heard bad things about it that I made my SR/TW Tanker. I am really going to have to stop reacting to claims about bad combos that way. Not because it didn't work out, just I really do not need the alts that is going to result in.
  5. I'd wondered if the +Recharge from EA would help out Rad Melee's slow recycle times.
  6. Back in the first month of live I created a DM/Inv Scrapper and he was fantastically tough for a scrapper. Considered reusing the sets on a Tanker but I have this aversion to repeating myself, and neither remade the combination nor for that matter used Invulnerability again. I think the lure of sets with more frequent heals and endurance recovery played a part too. So here we are all these years later and I decided to give Invulnerability another whirl. Hoping someone can look at what I have and suggest improvements (while avoiding purple sets): This Hero b
  7. Soul Drain slotted with Gaussian. No half measures here. 😁
  8. Speaking from the standpoint of my Fire/Dark blaster, buffing your own damage numbers is so wrong you should probably grow hair on the palm of your hands. But if its wrong, I don't wanna be right. 😁
  9. For my new tank I was trying to portray metallic shades and made his initial costume blue/gray. Without thinking about it, made a different costume for his second slot which actually is gray/gold. Anyway, was going on a Yin TF and switched back to original costume because it appears tankier. We we're in the midst of running it and I notice my costume appears white/gold. "Hmmm...didn't I swap back to first costume?" I wondered. When I got a moment I pulled up costumes to switch and I was on the first costume. First thought was that the lighting conditions were causing the costume t
  10. Had to hunt around for this. The image quality is low because I compressed the poop out of the video to get it to fit the post size limitation but its from my SM/EA scrapper. Notice the Recharge bonus (fuzzy but you can make it out) as he fights. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/uploads/monthly_2020_12/KRBW.mp4.4128ce8a8cec3870f651144e27216d0c.mp4 No reason you couldn't do this on a Brute.
  11. I have an SS/Bio, and yes, his DoT is quite nice, especially with Rage up.
  12. Savage/(Rad, SR, Elec, or EA) would allow you double dipping on self +Recharge buffs. Not that I am in any way suggesting Savage/Bio is not good. Probably quite wonderful.
  13. Couldn't help but think of this thread on last thing I was doing. Started a new Tanker and was at the point of wanting to run Posi 1. Recruited people but could only find three others, a Defender, Brute, and Stalker. So we decided to try to four man it. Granted we did not turn the level up or anything nor put any impediments on ourselves. But you know how things go with new characters with limited abilities. We had someone go down on first mission where it wasn't clear that we were not engaging every group, just those directly in path to objective. After that it wasn't
  14. Thanks so much for the compliment on the costume! The compression I had to use to get the video to fit the size limitation for posts makes it appear fuzzier than in game. A better snapshot of it is viewable here. Dark Blast I've covered, so let's look at what Energy Manipulation brings to you: Power Punch, Power Thrust, Bone Smasher, and Total Focus are melee range attacks. I have tended to in my previous breakdowns skip over the melee attacks but if you do that with Energy the question becomes, "Why are you looking at Energy Manipulation?" and what else it brings to th
  15. The other night we exited a radio mission in Founder's Falls and the next mission was not only at the same door but it was the same map. Of course I had to ask, "Were we not just here and did we not clear the place out?" Team member responded, "That's how tight the rental market is. Bad guys move in immediately."
  16. Probably need to factor in the statement about Heals/Absorb was... ...about Radiation Armor primarily ("sets" does open it to other powerset, true) ...in relation to Invulnerability Radiation Armor is going to be debuffing the To-Hit of anything nearby. So it is really resistances, heal/absorption, and screw with your ability to hit me up close. However I may be misreading because I am reading the use of "heal" in the statement to primarily refer to Absorb as the distinction was being drawn between Rad and Inv and in particular there was the comment about having a
  17. I feel absolutely no shame at adding Scaling Resist to my SR tanker. No shame whatsoever. 😛
  18. Dark does debuff To-Hit, but asside from its final power the amount is relatively low--5.25% on Dark Blast, Gloom, Umbral Torrent, Moonbeam, Tenebrous Tentacles, Abyssal Gaze, and Life Drain with -35% on Blackstar. The effect does linger for roughly 10 seconds on most of those power (two get up towards 20s), so stacking occurs and you could reasonably have a target or two with a couple of stacks of debuff on them. Because some number of your powers are single target though I probably would not count on facing a group of opponents and having more than two stacks on them (single targets would ge
  19. The game hates me. Someone thought it was a good idea to disallow the Electricity Aura choice for Eyes if you use Think Tank for the head. WHY!!?!!?!!? Edit: OMG!!! I got it!!!!! Behold what could have been now is!!! Its alive!!!!!!
  20. The merit to Touch is for those people who, for whatever reason, do not want to take Dark Consumption. But that seems awfully thin.
  21. I would not disagree with that mirroring the consensus of the rankings of powersets within primary and secondary categories. I think where there is room for argument is what happens when you combine them. Is C-Tier/C-Tier something horrible, bottom of the heap, should be avoided. Fire/Fire is doubtlessly more popular than Elec/Mental, but the question is if Elec/Mental is so bad that it should not be played by beginners. As noted, I have made a Sonic/TA, which is C-Tier/C-Tier. It is not something I would warn people off of (so far).
  22. Rad Armor is Resistance focused. I would say to focus on maximizing Smash/Lethal, let every other resistance mostly ride along to whatever values they will end up at, get as much Defense as you can and remember that Beta Decay debuffs enemy To-Hit. Arguably with Beta Decay debuffing To-Hit of things in melee range, you might focus a bit more on Ranged Defense if you can. I did not put any thought into what follows. Took my DM/Rad build, switch to Fire/Rad, then filled in the gaps. Also not suggesting it is particularly good, but it gives you something to look at. To see
  23. Clearly cared enough to make a response. 😜
  24. Seems at odds with... ...especially when the qualification I gave was: Qualifications: I have only gotten the character to level 22 (too much time farming legendary drops in Outriders I guess). Most things are workable through the 20s and opponents you see later in the game are nastier. I thought I'd had some previous attempts at blasters that achieved serious control but they ain't got nothing on Sonic/TA. Its almost silly what the combo brings to the table. Blaster secondaries come with single target immobilize and some add on a hol
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