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Midnight Mass

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Seven-part dark, slow-burning horror-mystery miniseries on Netflix.  Minimal jump-scares.   Mostly the more seething and thoughtful dread.  Blood and a bit of gore, but not gratuitous, since the blood is a key element of the story being told.  Really hit me on a personal level, given my upbringing.  Spouse preferred The Haunting of Hill House, but felt this was definitely a close second in the trio of miniseries of this particular team.


Strongly recommended for anyone who can handle their horror.

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It is a shame I don't like scary movies or T.V. shows, I'm sure there is great content out there to consume like @VileTerror pointed to recently, it is just too much for me. Jump scares are fine and a part of the genre, but the stuff that gets inside your brain and stays with you, then you go to sleep, ah man no thanks pass for me lol

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Best Post Ever.... 568068478_BestContentEverSignature.png.4ac4138c1127616ebdcddfe1e9d55b57.png

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